Hey, first of all I wanted to say that the auto cam is working pretty good, I never anticipated it to be that good but I noticed some things which require some improvement.

1. Sometimes it would be better to focus a tower (if it is under attack) instead of the players who are attacking it, because players often make small moves which cause unnecessary camera movement.

2. It feels like the auto cam focuses heroes who are about to get attacked or perform an attack. This is sometimes troublesome since you can see the hero who initiates the attack but you can't really see who is getting attacked or you only see 1 hero where it would make more sense to see the other heroes who are standing right behind the hero which the opposing team is initiating on. So my point is to improve the camera algorithm/movement so that it tries to capture more heroes (more action) instead of centering around a single hero. I assume a simple correction of your current code would do the trick. Take the current calculation and move the camera (in a fight/initiation situations) so that as many heroes as possible are visible. In other words the initiating hero shouldn't be the center of the cam instead the combination of attacker and defender should be the center of the camera.

Here a small sample between two players (this is the usual early game scenario when attacking a hero or trying to farm ):
This picture shows how it is or how it feels right now: picture 1.jpg

This picture shows how it should be: pic2.png