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Pennant Item Drop Rate Doesnt Scale

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  • Pennant Item Drop Rate Doesnt Scale

    total like item 7 drops for 3400 pennants in last game (WE vs Mouz game2)...

    0.02% chance per game?

    I think it suppose to scale with the total number of pennants not a fixed number of drops...

  • #2
    And it's 0% if you have a pennant but can't even get into the game.


    • #3
      I kinda agree. The drop rate is 1 drop per event. It should be 1% or 0.1% drop per event.


      • #4
        Last game was 12k Pennants(mous) 1k(WE) and 7~? drops...


        • #5
          I would really like it if the courier was kept at just one per event, while the odds of any items was something like 1/25, so if you watched all your favorite team's games, you should walk away with a small prize of sorts.

          Heck, I think I would rather have parts of a chest over nothing, like the MTP ash piles.


          • #6
            Talk about tournament drops

            The drop rate for these tournament items makes me not want to buy pennants. Yes I love supporting certain teams but I would also love to have a courier from when (spoiler alert) ixmike88 gets a rampage vs Na'vi in grand finals. If you supported mouz in games 2 or 3 (most of us couldn't get into game 1) of today's finals, you had almost no chance of getting a tournament drop item. I was watching with a group of people, all with pennants on mouz (one of our favorite teams). At the beginning of game 2, we were excited and anxious about who was going to get first blood and who would get multi kills. It was fun for a short while then we just stopped caring about those things entirely once we realized we had zero chance of actually getting anything. They were still amazing games but the excitement just went away completely around the start of game 3... we figured less than 10 items would drop that game for the mouz side and that it would be silly to expect to actually get anything. By the end of game 3 there were 12 THOUSAND people rocking coL pennants. You had a 1/12k chance of getting the series-ender courier. This is ridiculous and statistically speaking, the chance of getting an item drop is an insignificant afterthought. Pennants are meant to make the competitive scene and fans more interconnected. By game 3, the interactive draw of the pennants went away completely and the international started feeling like just another tournament you can watch through the client.

            You were several times more likely to receive an item had you equipped a WE pennant even though WE triggered less drops and wound up losing the series 0-3. That really doesn't make sense to me. It's as if I am being punished for equipping a pennant for a team I love; I could just equip a pennant for the less popular team and boost my chances at a courier/item significantly, which conflicts with the point of buying pennants which is supporting your favorite teams. At this point I would not equip a Na'vi/EG (although I bought them) and will probably buy pennants for lesser known teams.

            My suggestions:
            Make it a flat chance to receive a courier/item drop rather than only giving out one per event. It doesn't have to be a high chance at all, it just can't be 1/12 thousand, no one is going to care about tournament items if they continue to drop at this rate (and seeing as how mouz racked up 12k supporters within a few hours, you can probably guess that this is just the tip of the iceberg).

            Do not reveal the names of the people who received items but rather, give a notification if the player receives one. Winners do not want to be harassed by a thousand traders looking to get their courier off them. I looked up a few of the winners to see what the couriers looked like and one had changed his name to something like "STOP F-ING ADDING ME"


            • #7
              Tournament class items are artifacts spawned by an exciting moment in a tournament match. They capture the details of the moment in a form that easily shown to other players. In addition, they allow you to jump right to the replay of the match, 15 seconds before the highlight occurred. Think of it like catching Babe Ruth’s baseball, except instead of Babe Ruth it’s Dendi, and the baseball is Pudge’s hook.
              Also. How many games does the tournament hold? How many couriers are being dropped averaged? You will see there will be dropped a LOT of couriers. This will devalue the international couriers a lot.
              If you are buying a pemnant. Don't expect to get something. You are supporting your team. But if you get something. Be proud.

              I hope the economy for Unusuals will stabilize after this.

              Tournament courier are meant to be rarer than int chest courier. It was "stated". (They told you trigger events. And they told you that there will only be one courier per event.)
              Don't make businuess off this. It is not lucrativ.

              I don't want to see another version of Sunfires again where they are worth 15-40 keys (depending on courier type)

              If you are a mad invester/looking for couriers. Uncrate int chest.
              James "2GD" Harding's career as a Dota 2 host on Valve events
              * 25.02.16 - † 26.02.16


              • #8
                It really does defeat the purpose when it encourages you to wear a pennant for a less popular team just to have any chance at an item, though. Even if it's not a set rate, it would be nice if it scaled based on pennant totals.


                • #9
                  These pennants are about far more than supporting your favorite teams. They are incentivized for a reason but you can't expect that incentive to go very far once people realize that they have no chance in hell of getting a courier. I want these teams to be better supported, and I don't mind those terrible, terrible people who wouldn't buy pennants just for the sake of giving, supporting these teams either. It's not like the money of a die-hard fan is any better than the money of somebody who just wants a nice courier.


                  • #10
                    What i want to know is what are the chances of getting an item. Im sure it's not 1/how many people have the pennants.
                    There are levels in the pennants by upgrading it with the upgrade pennants. I want to know if the level of the pennants actually increase the chance of getting an item.
                    I checked today's winners and most of them had higher level than 1. Some did have level 1 and got the courier but... most were higher than 1.


                    • #11
                      @GermanViet And I think you're missing one of my biggest points, these pennants for all of one game made for some of the most fun I have ever had watching dota 2. We would squeal, we would yell, and laugh at any chance at triggering an event. We really got into it and then we realized we had absolutely no chance at getting an item and it felt like just another Defense/PD2/BTS game we had all experienced a thousand times before. It was a huge letdown and we were disappointed at would could have been.

                      Right now 12 people have 600 dollar couriers instead of 600 people having 12 dollar couriers. How does this make any sense?


                      • #12
                        It's getting late and I have to wake up early to watch some International games :]
                        I will reply to responses when I wake up.


                        • #13
                          How many games do you think there will be? Multiply that number with the average amount of courier dropped per game.
                          That's a LOT of couriers.

                          Now consider the chest couriers.

                          int chest couriers are currently around 50 keys(?). And they will drop further. If you want them to drop further then they will be less worth than Sunfires which currently sell for 15-35 keys (depending on courier type)

                          And tell me more about those 12 people having 600 dollar couriers. Those prelims match courier are worth equal to chest courier. (I would even favor the chest couriers since they don't have a stupid text.)

                          I quote again: "Think of it like catching Babe Ruth’s baseball"
                          James "2GD" Harding's career as a Dota 2 host on Valve events
                          * 25.02.16 - † 26.02.16


                          • #14
                            Originally posted by GermanViet View Post
                            And tell me more about those 12 people having 600 dollar couriers. Those prelims match courier are worth equal to chest courier. (I would even favor the chest couriers since they don't have a stupid text.)

                            I quote again: "Think of it like catching Baibe Ruth’s baseball"
                            That quote should tell u something about how big these couriers are. Depending on who is written on that tournament courier the price will be high or low. Of course its the same courier in-game but its different when u search it in the inventory. I'm sure everyone are trying to get them to trade or sell. I would sell it too cus its the same courier in game and just has those writings on it.


                            • #15
                              why is there no MTW pennant??