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Pennant Item Drop Rate Doesnt Scale

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  • #16
    In the PRELIMS there are 112 games.
    How many couriers do you expect to be average dropped in a game? (Either side of team)
    Multiply that number by 112.

    That's a HELL LOT of couriers.

    Prelims courier aren't worth that much. Many of those courier will be from less favored team from unknown players.
    What counts will be the courier from semifinal and finals.
    James "2GD" Harding's career as a Dota 2 host on Valve events
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    • #17
      We need moar couriers


      • #18
        Originally posted by reashio View Post
        why is there no MTW pennant??
        Also, where is the M5 pennant?


        • #19
          they can give different items, not just courier. i believe there were 40k viewers on mouz vs we. 13k of them bought pennants and ONLY less than 100 won prizes.
          Originally posted by Radio
          I can't fathom how can one think that anything from WC3 looks better than its DOTA 2 counterpart, those graphics are 12 years old and the effects plain suck - if you look at the from today's perspective.


          • #20
            with those low drop chances (~0,01% and it will get worse in the upcoming matches) you might as well not display a drop message. i don't think a spectator really cares if some average joe he doesn't know received an item instead of him.


            • #21
              The idea behind the pennants is mainly NOT the drop...
              If you think I've closed or deleted a post unjustified, feel free to PM me and I'll explain it to you/discuss it with you further.


              • #22
                Prelims has 112 games.
                Each game drops ??? couriers.

                Do the math. Within 3 days (26th August - 28th August) how many couriers will be dropped?

                Then after the Prelims there are more games...

                As stated on DotA 2 Blog
                "Tournament class items are artifacts spawned by an exciting moment in a tournament match. They capture the details of the moment in a form that easily shown to other players. In addition, they allow you to jump right to the replay of the match, 15 seconds before the highlight occurred. Think of it like catching Babe Ruth’s baseball, except instead of Babe Ruth it’s Dendi, and the baseball is Pudge’s hook."
                There can only be one winner.

                Please do not flood the market.
                James "2GD" Harding's career as a Dota 2 host on Valve events
                * 25.02.16 - † 26.02.16


                • #23
                  I understand that we only get one courier per event, i only want another itens, like pudges hook/other items doesnt matter wich one.

                  1 Courier per event, plus 10 items? would be nice.


                  • #24
                    There isn't going to be that many the number of couriers dropped from the international as a whole will be less than 3,000. If a match has 10 drops per match over the course of the 3 days prelims there is only going to be 48 matches a day times 3 days so 144 matches times 10 equals 1,440. Last night the drops was from 5-10 and during the real matches there aren't going to be as many matches so during that time they might only drop 1,000 more. As far as I understand it is a bit unfair considering you could just level up your pennant to have more chances of winning since you would count as more than one person but a team that doesn't have as many fan base will have a higher chance of getting of getting something. Last night the smallest number on WE's side was 33 in the very beginning so out of I believe the 2-3 early drops those people had a 3% chance of winning something. Toward the end WE never reached higher than 200 players but Mouz on the other hand had close to 3K making the chance of someone winning on the Mouz side .03%. I understand how Valve said it would be like catching a Babe Ruth's Baseball but that is almost saying you have to have to pay for seats closer to where people normally hit the ball and still take a chance with that.

                    Also the whole thing about Dendi hooking someone is a complete lie... The only reason you would get a courier so far is for "First Blood", "Multi-Kill", and seeing who the winner was for the match. Going by those details Dendi would have to hook someone twice to kill and the writing on it would just be "Na'Vi's Dendi scored a Multi-Kill against AL on...."

                    I really feel that the only one that should drop once in the winner of the match the rest should have multiples or more depending on the number of players on one side. The chances of opening a chest is the same across the board 1% for unboxing it while this is more like more people who are fans of the team well too bad you have less of a chance of getting a prize since the chances of scoring first blood or multi kill is pretty much the same across the chart since it is pro matches.
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                    • #25
                      i think the narrative scene is awesome... it i just the drop rate should not be a penalty for more ppl watching... imagine a boring game with 100 spectators 10% of them gonna get item.

                      I think it should be based on a fixed rate, lets say everytime heavy action happens, a 0.2% drop rate * number of pennants, instead of 1 item drop per action.


                      • #26
                        I agree I feel as though the only one that should drop for one person is the winner winning. The drops all between until that point is like any other person hitting a homerun and you catching it but the final ball is like that Babe Ruth ball


                        • #27
                          People keep throwing around the "Babe Ruth's baseball" thing as if it's a cogent argument. Why doesn't anyone talk about how completely awful an idea this is?

                          Valve has the chance here to REALLY get people into the game but instead they are punishing people who support popular teams and making people not want to buy pennants.

                          Also germanviet don't lecture people on not trying to profit from couriers and turn the game into a business then ask valve not to "flood the market."


                          • #28
                            Honestly, the "X won an item" line just makes me feel annoyed at X. I'm a horrible person, I know.

                            Anyway, my biggest issue with this is - what is the point of a super-rare item? It takes as much effort to create as a common one, but only like 1`000 people can have it? It sounds like a lot, but we have more than a million people playing Dota 2 - a random player will most likely never even see any of those items equipped on someone.

                            I'd understand if it was an item that one gets for inputting a lot of effort (like legendaries in WoW or smth), but this is just dumb luck. So we make these ~10 people per game happy... and the 10k other spectators annoyed that some other shmuck is a lucky bastard.

                            Clumsy move, Valve.

                            Here's how to make it better - adjust the droprates so that if someone watches games all day, with a pennant on for every game, he has like 50% chance of getting an item that day. So a dedicated fan, will have 3 new items at the end of International.
                            BUT, don't make all of them super rare. Heck, just throw some regular items at the fans, with the bookmark thingy and a "This thing dropped at International 2012" and they will be happy. Leave the super-rare-items super rare, but accomplish it, by hiding them in a sack of items which are only special because they dropped during the International.
                            Originally posted by DeadlyGrim
                            Is a man not entitled to view his own ranking? No says the man at Valve, it belongs to us!


                            • #29
                              There isn't a million people playing Dota... The most ever on the server is 100K and a good 20K might just be watching the International. Any other time the most I'll see is 70-80K. There isn't just 1,000 people winning items it is going to be around 3-4K couriers dropping. As far as I seen the only truly rare one will be the winning courier I would prefer couriers that drop because of other reasons rather than just one hero getting a multi-kill during the match.


                              • #30
                                Right now there are ~40k people watching the International in Dota TV. That's just the preliminaries.

                                Anyway, the problem isn't about a specific courier being rare or not rare. Its about how little chances spectators have of getting anything.
                                Originally posted by DeadlyGrim
                                Is a man not entitled to view his own ranking? No says the man at Valve, it belongs to us!