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Pennant Item Drop Rate Doesnt Scale

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  • #31
    Why not use a system that gives the best of both worlds? 1 viewer will get a unique courier per event, but also whenever an event happens for your team you have a 1% chance of getting a chest. That way you'll still have a decent chance at picking up an item or two for following your team through every single game of the tournament live, but there's also the exclusivity of having the courier resulting from the ultra kill that won the tournament.


    • #32
      Originally posted by GermanViet View Post
      Prelims has 112 games.
      Each game drops ??? couriers.

      Do the math. Within 3 days (26th August - 28th August) how many couriers will be dropped?

      Then after the Prelims there are more games...

      As stated on DotA 2 Blog

      There can only be one winner.

      Please do not flood the market.

      it doesnt add up. even though you buy all the pennants the calculations will still be 1/x. where x = number of pennants watching the game on each team. not to mention if you can connect to the game.
      For what i know first blood, multi kill and victory are only the possibilities to drop an item.

      As i said on my previous comment, there is a bunch of items they can give. If they cant give unusual courier then atleast give common, uncommon or rare. If that would be the case all of us (the community) will be happy.
      Originally posted by Radio
      I can't fathom how can one think that anything from WC3 looks better than its DOTA 2 counterpart, those graphics are 12 years old and the effects plain suck - if you look at the from today's perspective.


      • #33
        Indeed, I knew that getting unusual courer is like hitting a jackpot, but when I got my pennant I thought that there will be simple items as well, given out in bigger amounts. Well, I fell for it in the end, Valve making money on things that they never mentioned, but people thought would exist.


        • #34
          Originally posted by GermanViet View Post
          Also. How many games does the tournament hold? How many couriers are being dropped averaged? You will see there will be dropped a LOT of couriers. This will devalue the international couriers a lot.
          If you are buying a pemnant. Don't expect to get something. You are supporting your team. But if you get something. Be proud.

          I hope the economy for Unusuals will stabilize after this.

          Tournament courier are meant to be rarer than int chest courier. It was "stated". (They told you trigger events. And they told you that there will only be one courier per event.)
          Don't make businuess off this. It is not lucrativ.

          I don't want to see another version of Sunfires again where they are worth 15-40 keys (depending on courier type)

          If you are a mad invester/looking for couriers. Uncrate int chest.
          Right. Let it be 10 couriers per 100k community. So smart.
          Do you have one? Cause that would explain why you defend that ridiculous drop system.
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          • #35
            What I would like to say is currently there are 2 problems with the whole pennant system and I have seen neither discussed properly:
            Firstly, not all teams have a pennant which is really unfair and should be fixed as soon as possible.
            Secondly, it is that Valve somehow managed to convince you that you should be expecting an item from buying a pennant.Drop rates are perfectly fine, maybe hiding the message "... has been granted an item..." would put down the "hate level" , or giving the items regardless of the team you are supporting can be helpful. After all when you buy a ticket to see a match you dont know how your team will perform.
            Lets discuss this point shall we?


            • #36
              The firstly is a no-brainer. I don't know if Valve and the missing teams have not come to an agreement about splitting income or about the look of the pennants, or whatever, but I'm pretty sure everyone involved agrees that they must get here asap. Nothing to discuss.

              The secondly is actually being discussed.
              Well yes, we were convinced that we will have a significant chance to get an item. I don't think anybody got really excited about someone, somewhere getting an item, but not me. The only feeling a baseball fan has toward someone who caught Babe Ruth's ball is bitter envy. I see no need or point for it when the ball is entirely virtual. In fact there is no point, that is why I (and it seems, a lot of others) assumed that pretty much everyone who watches games actively will have at least something to take away from the tournament.
              Originally posted by DeadlyGrim
              Is a man not entitled to view his own ranking? No says the man at Valve, it belongs to us!


              • #37
                Well , to be honest, I dont know a lot about baseball (I come from europe) , but catching someones ball sounds like a once in a lifetime experience. So what I am trying to say is that there is definately a problem , but it is not where most of you imply it is. At least thats what I think...


                • #38
                  Originally posted by shadow002 View Post
                  Well , to be honest, I dont know a lot about baseball (I come from europe) , but catching someones ball sounds like a once in a lifetime experience. So what I am trying to say is that there is definately a problem , but it is not where most of you imply it is. At least thats what I think...
                  I'm also from around Europe, went to Canada last year for studies for a month, went to a baseball game once and actually caught a ball there (although it was not from a good hit, the players just were practicing and threw the ball into crowd after that) Speak about luck :P
                  But overall this small chance is just wrong, at least Valve should have clearly stated all that. While I didn't really have my hopes up for an unusual courer, all I'm left with now is a pennant for my fav team and no desire to trust Valve or buy anything from the store in the future.


                  • #39
                    Ways to improve Pennant system, in my preferred order:
                    0) Get a guaranteed item for hitting x games viewed on your Pennant (Such as 'Watch 15 games of your favorite team during the International and get a Team item with a record of what game was your 15th viewed). This allows everybody to earn an item while keeping the window high. Fair. Also rewards watching your favorite team rather than least popular.
                    1) Make it a flat percentage chance for each person
                    2) Scale it based on pennants in game
                    3) Allow everybody to get at least one item (such as an item for everybody that watches the finale)
                    4) Leave items as-is, but allow people to earn BP from watching with pennants


                    • #40
                      "Support your favorite team"
                      "NOT ENOUGH HATS ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((("

                      Fuck you.

                      And at least the prize of these couriers are going to skyrock.


                      • #41
                        I bought a Pennant because I truly wanted to support a team (specifically coL), however if our chances of drop increases I won't be sad. Beside when I think that there are people with ALL Pennants I realize that there is no chance whatsoever.
                        Add triguz on Steam for free items.


                        • #42
                          Meh, all these ultra-rare cosmetics do is increase the value of the hat-economy. At this point I'm expecting to see a Diablo III style auction house in Dota 2.


                          • #43
                            I guess Valve didn't really learn from the Golden Wrench thing that releasing cool items but making them rare drops for something which takes little effort makes people flip out. Or they did, and just didn't care. Not everyone, of course, but still a noticeable amount of people (and it has died down now, of course). I watched every game in the main event and quite a few in the prelims, supported a team for every match that I could, and didn't get anything. I would lie if I said I wasn't a little sore at first, but I shrugged it off—with or without rare items drops I had planned to alter my sleep schedule for the International, and I guarantee I would have bought as many pennants as I did if I didn't know there would be item drops.

                            However, I personally think the idea of having a drop system for pennants would be improved if they kept the apparently sacred baseball metaphor for the couriers, but also gave lesser, perhaps unannounced, drops more commonly. These could perhaps have been International items that had similar tags that the couriers do.
                            Alternatively, only drop couriers, and don't announce them to the stream: only the player who gets them. This would keep a certain mystery about the item drops, and perhaps people would expect them less.

                            Still, at the end of the day, it's no big deal. Valve put on an amazing event, and if a few people got rich for doing hardly anything then, "Oh well." *shrug*