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Will there be refunds for unused Pennants for the Mouz vs. WE pennants?

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  • Will there be refunds for unused Pennants for the Mouz vs. WE pennants?

    I didn't buy any Pennants, but some of those matches were impossible to get into. If you bought a pennant with the intention of entering the "drop lottery," but were unable to do so due to the technical issues, are you entitled to a refund? Especially if you bought a WE one...

    EDIT: totally messed up the title but the message gets through I guess.

  • #2
    Well, you can still use the pennant for future matches, so probably not.


    • #3
      Originally posted by Speed View Post
      Well, you can still use the pennant for future matches, so probably not.
      That assumes customers will actually be able to get into those future matches. Until we can be assured that Valve can handle the rush of people wanting to view these matches Live, I doubt early adopters can feel anything but buyer's remorse for their purchases. Especially if they bought WE pennants. Some people may have lost faith and given up on the idea entirely. They'd rather spend their Steam Buck on, I dunno, a staff or something.


      • #4
        its a mess up on valve's end.. i bought the pennant just to watch this game and end up only watching game2... would be nice of valve can make something up.


        • #5
          Why did Valve add the spectator client if this was a possibility.

          It pisses me off that I'm actually a paying friggin' customer who was cheering for Mouz and I got muscled out by someone who isn't even playing the game.


          • #6
            I dont think its due to lack of capacity but its the same bug we have been having for about 2 weeks. If you tried joining spec games it would give you a game already finished at throne or send you into a different game, I thought they fixed it earlier this week since I stopped having the problem but I guess it resurfaced in the last 1-2 patches, but still no excuse as to why this wasent fixed in time.


            • #7
              I hope valve does something about it. I only got to watch 1 out of the 3 games due to client issues. I'd love to have a pennant refund and stick to good ole joindota from now on. It was an interesting idea, but execution was absolutely horrible.


              • #8
                Just as Esg said, this bug has been going on for about 2 weeks. It was a known issue before pennants came out. While it is poor on Valve's side for not fixing the bug on time, it would be somewhat unreasonable to demand a refund/compensation for something that still has use in the future.

                It is like knowing a product has a defect in it, buying it, then demanding a refund. Even though 1. the buyer has knowledge of its defects, and 2. it is clearly stated that the product will eventually work (pennants will continue to work for future tourneys).

                Just my 2 cents


                • #9
                  it happened in one game, game 2/3 were viewable for everyone
                  The fiddler from Chagalls village was inviting me to dance... so I danced.


                  • #10
                    Originally posted by R.U.Sty View Post
                    it happened in one game, game 2/3 were viewable for everyone
                    Game 3 was just as broken as Game 1 for me and everyone on my friend's list.


                    • #11
                      Originally posted by TraderRager View Post
                      Game 3 was just as broken as Game 1 for me and everyone on my friend's list.
                      Well that sucks, feel free to contact support about your 99 cent refund as no one on this dev forum will be able to help you or even care. Valve's customer support refunds things all the time so it's not unlikely that they will refund this too. Especially since it's such a low amount of money.


                      • #12
                        You people forget that this is still technically a beta. Also, they fixed it after game 1. Game 2 and 3 were working fine for most people[12-13k viewers]. It is to be expected that they run into problems with their very first game. Besides this match up wasn't even part of the prelims and was scheduled last minute. So they had 1 day less to prepare.

                        Lastly, this forum is for reporting bugs, not asking for refunds. I suggest you contact support.


                        • #13
                          I don't want a refund, I just want to know this won't happen again. It's infuriating that I couldn't watch something when Valve had so much time to work on this.


                          • #14
                            Game 1 was ridiculous. 400 ~ 460 limit?
                            I got into game 2 & 3, but people in custom chat were complaining about how they couldn't get in for game 3. Also there was an error with the pennant fan count on game 3 cause the counters were going negative.

                            And the real point of pennants is to support your team. The item drops are just bonus.


                            • #15
                              Not even the guy who was broadcasting with Tobiwan last night could get into game 3. That should say something.