The drop rate for these tournament items makes me not want to buy pennants. Yes I love supporting certain teams but I would also love to have a courier from when (spoiler alert) ixmike88 gets a rampage vs Na'vi in grand finals. If you supported mouz in games 2 or 3 (most of us couldn't get into game 1) of today's finals, you had almost no chance of getting a tournament drop item. I was watching with a group of people, all with pennants on mouz (one of our favorite teams). At the beginning of game 2, we were excited and anxious about who was going to get first blood and who would get multi kills. It was fun for a short while then we just stopped caring about those things entirely once we realized we had zero chance of actually getting anything. They were still amazing games but the excitement just went away completely around the start of game 3... we figured less than 10 items would drop that game for the mouz side and that it would be silly to expect to actually get anything. By the end of game 3 there were 12 THOUSAND people rocking coL pennants. You had a 1/12k chance of getting the series-ender courier. This is ridiculous and statistically speaking, the chance of getting an item drop is an insignificant afterthought. Pennants are meant to make the competitive scene and fans more interconnected. By game 3, the interactive draw of the pennants went away completely and the international started feeling like just another tournament you can watch through the client.

You were several times more likely to receive an item had you equipped a WE pennant even though WE triggered less drops and wound up losing the series 0-3. That really doesn't make sense to me. It's as if I am being punished for equipping a pennant for a team I love; I could just equip a pennant for the less popular team and boost my chances at a courier/item significantly, which conflicts with the point of buying pennants which is supporting your favorite teams. At this point I would not equip a Na'vi/EG (although I bought them) and will probably buy pennants for lesser known teams.

My suggestions:
Make it a flat chance to receive a courier/item drop rather than only giving out one per event. It doesn't have to be a high chance at all, it just can't be 1/12 thousand, no one is going to care about tournament items if they continue to drop at this rate (and seeing as how mouz racked up 12k supporters within a few hours, you can probably guess that this is just the tip of the iceberg).

Do not reveal the names of the people who received items but rather, give a notification if the player receives one. Winners do not want to be harassed by a thousand traders looking to get their courier off them. I looked up a few of the winners to see what the couriers looked like and one had changed his name to something like "STOP F-ING ADDING ME"