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[Bugs] Directed Camera does not focus properly on Hero HUD

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  • [Bugs] Directed Camera does not focus properly on Hero HUD

    When spectating a live game and having the "Directed Camera" mode on without clicking on any units, the camera will properly focus on correct hero HUD when it changes the "hero model focus". However, if you manually click on any unit during this time the camera will continue focusing on this unit's UI even if the camera changes hero model focus. With other words, it will no longer follow the hero HUD focus on correct hero model automantically as before.

    1) Once you are in a live game, the camera it usually set as "Directed", in this case when you have not clicked on anything you will notice how it properly changes the hero HUD along with the hero model.
    2) Now, click on anything that will change the hero UI focus (e.g. creep, another hero).

    Now when you manually clicked on something that changes the focus of the hero HUD it will remain focus on this unit all the time, it does not return to as the previously hero UI focusing state.

    The hero HUD should return back and intend as it did previously, when the camera changes hero model focus the hero HUD should change aswell to proper hero.

    I have been discussing this issue with other players on Dota TV and some think it is intended while the majority tells me it is a bug and should be reported.

    I have recently found out that it seems like it resets to it previous "correct" focusing state if you simply press "Esc". In result of this discovery, this thread may not be a problem anylonger.
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    Or simply press one of the mouse button (left/right I don't remember which one) on an empty area.


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      but the camera continues going through changes as soon as the AI director switches onto another hero

      i think this is intended and if not, it should be. it lets you target a hero to look at items, skill build, etc without obstruction all while still following the director AI's camera


      • #4
        Yeah! By right clicking with the mouse on an empty area works aswell!

        I agree now when you say it that people may want to check their items and such, would otherwise be quite difficult to check it out during directed view if the AI always changes focus on the hero HUD! I never thought of that before!

        It is nice to have replies to have a thought how you other people think and see things in your perspective. Keep it up!
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          I think it's acting as intended, but there should be a clearer way to "Reset" it onto targetting the camera's focus. A button near the clock perhaps?