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Real Time spectating for coaching

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  • Real Time spectating for coaching

    is there an ETA on this? most of the stuff for real time coaching has already been implemented such as "player perspective" and there used to be real time viewing of live games

    you can add restrictions such as only "very high" players can coach and the player they are coaching must be on their friends list, another useful restriction should be "very high" players cannot coach other "very high" players, another restriction should be that you can only coach someone if you join at the start of the game

    so it might go something like right click the username and click on coach when the person loads into hero selection and then you can only see from that player's perspective, that player's fog of war, you can't see other people item's unless the player you're coaching actually looks, etc

  • #2
    Would be amazing to have this.
    Maybe have the player allow or deny a spectating coach.


    • #3

      This is much needed feature and should be easy to add. Getting a bunch of friends to start playing, but it's impossible to help them while playing.

      I believe a coach system was mentioned before, probably quite an ellaborate system which will take time to build, just give us real time spectating for now so we at least can get started.

      Not that I agree there should be any real level restrictions. There should simply be a way for spectators to apply to be coach, possibly only for your friends to prevent abuse, and if the player accepts (not a distracting popup, but something small in the corner) he will have real time spectating.


      • #4
        I dont think there is any restriction necessary besides that the player should be friends with the coacher. Keep it simple and effective (in order to not have anyone coach someone he doesnt want him to coach)


        • #5
          Well that and only being able to use the "player perspective" camera since there could be exploiters :P


          • #6
            I'd add to the restrictions a 3-5 seconds delay so you can't tell things like go now on X hero or things like that.


            • #7
              I am a "very high" player that has tried (and failed) to play games with some dota newbies. I can basically 1v5 for a dozen games or so until we start hitting an MMR level where I just cannot carry the game, and my newbie friend is getting SHAT upon and just gets frustrated.

              We desperately need a coaching/mentor mode like the OP suggests.

              Real-time viewing of a player's camera/mouse/selections, etc. Basically just output the player's monitor to the coach. It's impossible to coach people while playing with them, and giving them feedback 2 minutes later is utterly useless.

              I would absolutely LOVE to cultivate some new skilled players for dota, but there's just no way to do it. Watching them play vs bots can only go so far. Trying to set up private practice lobbies is essentially impossible.

              Edit: I disagree with the above poster on the 3-5 second delay thing. It needs to be real-time.


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                  Why Not just add a Option to the play panel which says "Coach game" or something and you will get into a random game, to a random Player who somewhere in his interfaced checked the box to get a Coach on his side. The Coach can just use Player perspective and free camera and at the end of the game, the coached guy can rate his coah what results in maybe something like a reputation System (maybe get items for better Feedback). Of course think about abuseable Problems behind this First, but if you get items for coaching (which afaik valve wanted to implement) you shoulndt be able to Coach friends