Heres an idea: all games for casters and DotaTV viewers should be casted with a build in delay (of like 5 seconds?) so that spectators and casters can enable certain warnings or hints in the game when a certain spell will be casted within the next 5 seconds. then casters and viewers wouldnt waste time watching one specific hero all the time only waiting whether that hero will cast that certain skill and missing out stuff at the same time happening at different places on the map.

e.g. very useful for keeping track when pudge uses hook when other different action is happening all over the map. sometimes pugde just runs back and forth in places a lot only to get right position and in the end still decides not to hook. if you want to keep track of the hooks only and not miss out other stuff on the map, such a kind of warning that pudge will use hook in 5 seconds can be very useful.
same for certain other skills of other heros.