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[Suggestion] Player Pennants

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  • [Suggestion] Player Pennants

    To start with I'd like to give some background on how I got this idea; me and some friends where discussing ESports in general, with a focus on player earnings. One of us stated that except for top tier finishers (first, second and maybe third place depending on prize pool), most players/teams make their money from streaming these days. If this is a fact I cannot confirm, however one cannot deny the importance of this steady stream of revenue. With DotA 2 launching with such an awesome spectating client I deem it likely many fans will make a shift towards spectating said pro-players ingame rather then through sites like Own3d or twitch. This would hamper ad revenue and most likely such a shift would be countered by a move into lobbies without spectating enabled. In order to counter-act this move and enable us fans to directly support our favourite players by adding Player Pennants.

    A Player Pennant would work pretty much the same way a Team Pennant works, though with an emphasis on the single player. Seeing as most streaming pro-players stream solo-queing/queing without their teams most of the time this makes sense. In addition Player Pennants could enable us as fans to tune-in on live games easier by making the "Live Games"-tab in DotA 2 display games being played by players you currently own a Player Pennant for.

    Think of Player Pennants like a subscribition to a pro-player stream on twitch or own3d. The importance of pro-players cannot be stressed enough; without them I think it unlikely DotA and DotA 2 would be what it is today. By enabling the community to give back and support these phenomenal players we (the community and VALVe) could make DotA 2 the definite ESport.

    Team Pennants could of course be made to work in the same manner; outside of tournaments any given member of team, as defined by the in-game team manager, playing a game either alone or together with his/her team could be spectated by owner of the Team Pennants. The above mentioned benefits of easily tuning in to these games would be in effect.

  • #2
    Awesome idea, would love to see this happening.


    • #3
      +1 I think Valve should at least consider this idea. The concept fits perfectly with what they are thinking for the future of E-Sports.


      • #4
        Unbelievable that this hasn't gotten more attention. I think this is a great way to support players. AND these pennants are way better than team pennants since teams change so often and disband also quite regularly apart from some exceptions.


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          sounds pretty good.. but i dont think players pennant could match the revenue they get for adds... couse u buy a pennant just once but u can watch multiple adds as long as you continue to watch this player streams..
          its true what u say about players... just think there must be a better way..