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[Suggestion] Matchmaking Shoutcasting

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  • [Suggestion] Matchmaking Shoutcasting

    As the name suggests. Add an item that is your "license to shoutcast". Each random game from the list has 4 shoutcaster slots (aligning to the slots in tournament games), first in best dressed, first shoutcaster in each slot can invite friends to co-cast. People watching games can choose to tune in to each of the shoutcasting slots and give it a thumbs up or thumbs down. Higher rated commentators have higher priority for shoutcasting slots.

    As someone who has done a little shoutcasting in the past (CoH, DotA 1, HoN) but mostly didn't get into it because I can't get an internet connection good enough to stream live games with voice (without stuttering etc), having an in game client that lets me casually drop into shoutcasting with only bandwidth requirements for voice and clicking (ie. the same as the game) would be an excellent springboard into taking it up as a full time hobby again, as well as increasing the enjoyment of spectators around the place.

    What say you?

  • #2
    I think the idea has potential, however this "license to shoutcast" needs some kind of Greenlight sytem, either directly during said game or in order to be eligble for said license. The later presents us with the problem; how do we know you're any good and how will you be able to prove it unless you've already made a name for yourself? The former could be based on popular vote inside said stream in regards to wheter or not the caster is any good and should be allowed to cast. This option presents us with the problem of having popular streams becoming vote-wars.

    One solution could be to have prospective shoutcasters audtition on say the workshop; you could upload a voice-over coupled with a select game and this shoutcast could then be rated by the community.

    In addition to granting the community the power to uplift someone to shoutcaster, during any given game viewers would also be able to report the shoutcaster (for behaviour unbecoming of ESports) and thus having their license revoked if these trangressions are to numerable or offensive.ยจ

    I'd like to mention that I don't think stuff like a, "mature language" for lack of a better way to put it, should be a bannable offense. I'd rather have some kind of "explicit content"-flag as I for one can sometimes appreciate something a bit less... chivalrous.


    • #3
      Bump again. I really think something like this could be a big deal for the way casting happens in DotA. This will mean >9k times as much potential enjoyment for spectators of matchmaking games and a brilliant springboard for new casters who might live in places where livecasting using FFSplit or similar isn't possible due to low bandwidth. There's really just no downside for users and so much potential for enhanced experiences.


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        I cant state how right you are, highly needet feature for new caster talents. Because right now, if you want to cast in an major language(rus/engl/chn) its very hard to get even noticed. Most casting slots in tournament games are reserved for the big names.

        I am kinda sad that valve isnt picking up major features to help dotas competetive development, all we get is usual stuff, but we cant catch lol with usual stuff. (dotatv beeing ppv only/mostly = usual stuff, because 90% of ppl choose to watch stoneage videostreams)
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