On Friday I was watching these matches in client and noticed a bunch of minor bugs. I was listening to Purge's stream the whole time and watching from his camera perspective as well.

- Wisps model disappeared a number of times
- There was a particle effect in radiant mid-lane that stuck around for a long time (reverse polarity?) It was there for at least the last 1/4 of the match
- The broadcaster camera seemed to jump between furthest possible player zoom vs the extra broadcaster zoom a couple times. Each time it would change the colour fog (not fog of war, but the visual effect for atmosphere) would flicker in and out. I remember this happening on the radiant bottom lane a couple of times (sorry I can't be more specific about the timing)
- When players disconnect their overhead player names disappear from heroes
- Rapidly right clicking the mouse as a spectator produces the "move here" green arrow animation at the location of the broadcasters cursor.

Sorry if these are all known spec bugs. Don't have time to dig through the forum for them.