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[Suggestion] Creepscore

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  • [Suggestion] Creepscore

    First of all, sorry for my English.

    Well, there are 3 possible modes to check creepstats , while you watching the game.
    1) 2) 3)

    I would like to offer 4th:

    (Yeah, i'm paint master )

    Explanation: This is "lane creepstats" , i mean :

    1) middle creepstats ( for example let it be Shadow Fiend vs Magnus)
    2) top creepstats ( for example let it be Rubick vs Batrider)
    3) bottom creepstats ( Dusa, Drow, Lich vs Ursa, Kunkka, Gyro)

    This won't work, if there are jungler/roamer on one of the sides. This is also not cool to watch, for example, 30 Faceless Void's CS vs 5 Dark Seer's, while DS oflaning vs trilane.
    BUT! It might be cool if upgrade "lane creepstats" to "role creepstats", i mean, instead of opposiing Faceless Void's CS to Dark Seer's, oppose Faceless Void's CS to Luna's, oppose Dark Seer's CS to Winrunner's, oppose Enigma's CS to Furion's, oppose hard support's on Radiant side CS to hard support's on Dire.

    I'm sorry for writing so unclear, so let me try to make it clear:

    1) I would like to suggest no "lane creepstats", but "role creepstats"
    2) The picture, used in "lane creepstats" explanation - just an example, i mean it is not connected with heroes used in discription of "role creepstats" method.

    Again, sry for my INGLIZH. I know, it's awful, but i hope u will undestand my idea. 'Cause it is really comfortably let you possibility to compare Solo Mid players CS, main carriers CS, and so on.

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    ill offer a 5th! take ur 4th picture and bring a order from high to low there


    • #3
      it's creep stats, not score


      • #4
        I've always wondered why it was not implemented (probably because it takes a bit too much screen space). I would also like it if they made it so that you could move the positions of the heroes to your own liking (Eg. Have the hard farmers of both teams beside each other and the mid laners beside each other; just giving you freedom to compare creep stats more easily). This only improves the spectating experience.


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