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[Suggestion] More information for viewers

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  • [Suggestion] More information for viewers

    There are many things that are important to keep track of as spectators that aren't built into the specator UI. Casters/specators shouldn't have to ask themselves questions like "Who has the aegis?" "When will the aegis expire?" "Is the radiant's fortification off cooldown?". We can build this information into the UI.


    Neutral creep spawning/blocking
    - Allow casters/spectators to bring up "creep spawn regions" temporarily so that they can determine whether a ward is blocking a camp. There have been many games where the caster says "I think this ward might not block the camp" or something of that sort, it would be cool if spectators had the ability to check. (Example of regions I'm talking about: dire side)

    - While the Aegis is on the field, pop up an icon of the Aegis (near the game stats, or top right) with an icon of the hero next to it and the time remaining. (quick prototype)
    - Similarly, show a Roshan timer on the screen that counts down until Roshan respawns. As spectators you can easily check roshan's spawn yourselves, but if you're watching a game via a stream, you have to rely on the caster to check on the roshan timer.

    Item Tracking
    - It would be helpful if important items that can change hands (e.g. Gems of True Sight, Divine Rapiers, Cheese) were explicitly tracked.

    - Show whether each team's fortification is on/off cooldown and how much time remains until it's available. Right now in order to check the availability of both team's foritification, the spectator/caster needs to click on a unit/building from both sides. Why not provide this information to spectators constantly?

    - When a courier is killed, allow specators to select the dead courier. This allows them to see: where the courier died, what was on it, and time remaining until it respawns. In-game, players can see all this information regarding their own courier, but spectators cannot.

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    Both the aegis and camp zones idea would be great for casters and viewers. I would like to see this implemented.


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      Would really appreciate camp zones.