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[Bug] Wynchell The Wyrmeleon's games viewed counter is broken

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  • [Bug] Wynchell The Wyrmeleon's games viewed counter is broken

    The counter seems to work different from the pennants. You get +1 to viewed games when you quit the game, not join it. Also, you can quit and join the same game over and over again and the games viewed counter will still increase by 1 every time. So, basically, you can get 100 games viewed by rejoining one game 100 times. Not sure if such mechanic was intentional.

    The image with the bug: wyrm bug.jpg
    Last edited by Smirk; 02-10-2013, 12:18 PM.

  • #2
    You're right. I have 2 games viewed when there has been only 1 game so far.

    The problem also is that (I don't know why) they haven't specified how this counter goes. I'd like to know...Do you have to watch a percentage of the match?, join in the 1st minute of the game? don't leave until the end? This should be explained


    • #3
      This bug doesn't hurt the courier's evolving process and, if anything, makes it easier for people to level him up. I just thought Valve developers would want to be aware of that bug in case that behavior wasn't intentional.

      The problem appears to be in that the courier lacks the unique games viewed counter, so it just counts every instance of viewing the game of Premiere League, even the same one.


      • #4
        I know what you're saying. I'm just saying that I don't know how to get my internal counter right to get the best courier because I don't know how the games are counted


        • #5
          Originally posted by icharlie17 View Post
          I know what you're saying. I'm just saying that I don't know how to get my internal counter right to get the best courier because I don't know how the games are counted
          You can join the game, watch it even for a minute and then leave. You will get +1 games viewed for that game. You don't have to watch the whole game.


          • #6
            well this defeats the whole purpose of the courier; =(

            kinda disappointing that you can just open close the replay the first match 100 times and max out your courier.


            • #7
              It does, in a way, make getting those 100 views less exciting. Hopefully, Valve will notice this issue and take note.


              • #8
                Finol has just let us know in game he's aware of the bug and they are fixing it tomorrow. Hurrar.


                • #9
                  Originally posted by Spookie View Post
                  Finol has just let us know in game he's aware of the bug and they are fixing it tomorrow. Hurrar.
                  where did you hear that?


                  • #10
                    Matthew Bailey ‏@Cyborgmatt
                    The counter bug regarding the TPL Wyrmeleon courier will be fixed in the near future so don't waste your time watching the replay 100 times.


                    • #11
                      Originally posted by stoney View Post
                      where did you hear that?
                      He was in the GAF chat channel and just let us know out of the blue they are working on a fix tomorrow. He promptly bailed out when people started asking his numerous questions about everything else. :x


                      • #12
                        If someone didn't know: If you trade that courier, the view counts, as with any other items that count, get reseted. It is a personal information and so trading will not be viable for this hero. Because after the trade you need to watch 100 replays to get the full effect back,

                        And tomorrow there will be a hotfix which will make, that the level counter will be as high as how many games were streamed. Today there were 2 >>> goes up tp two only. 100 games streamed >>> goes up to 100. But even then you most likely do not need to watch all games: Watch one replay 100 times and gg.
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                        • #13
                          Confirmed. All you need to do is watch highlights to get 100 views. Broken in my opinion.


                          • #14
                            mine is still broken, it reset to 4 after yesterdays patch but somehow i am up to 10 now and theres only been 4 games...


                            • #15

                              I traded one today (has 100 views) and it didn't reset or loss the effect (tried it out in-game several times). Is it delayed or?