We all know that when we see a match for DotaTV we can select a Caster to guide us on the games, but on stream?
My idea is basically, able the Caster/Co-caster follow the others caster's camera, from his broadcasting channel or the other.

Easy, the Caster will can follow the camera of his co-caster or another caster and go do anythink else he need to do bathroom, phone, and the most important think he will let the co-caster transmit the match without a great internet connection.

I'm Staff from ZonaDotA, one of the biggest southamerica communitys. And in LA, especially on PerĂº -(i'm from PerĂº) - we dont have the enough connection to transmit - i mean you have to pay a lot - But on another countrys like Argentina have it, but our caster dont have the experience to move the camera and cast properly, but i do but i cant cast properly cause the main camera is looking at something else, this will fix that.

-And add a tiny manabar to the spectators/streams on the scoretab just on bottom of the healbar.

-And add effect to the Golden Greevil.