I realize that it isn't anyone's responsibility to broadcast in every language. Yesterday there was an english broadcaster, and today I get on to watch and thats all I can do. There is no English Announcer today. There should be some sort of mention of this in the ticket purchase. E.g. "Broadcasting in:Mandarin, English, German, French" or "Broadcasting in: French", this way we know if we will be able to hear the tournament broadcast when we purchase it. I feel like if I make a purchase, and the description of the event, and the event client are in my native language that its not unreasonable to expect to hear someone broadcasting in that language.
Also, why is the pricing of tournaments so expensive through the client? I'm sure many people just watched Dreamhack through Twitch instead of paying $5.99 for it in game, just due to the price. If it were reasonably priced I think more people would chose the client to watch live tournaments.