I think its pretty awesome you're rewarding the spectators of tournaments and especially when it kicked off at the international last year. But I think there might be room for improvement. Because lets be honest were talking about at least 20-30 thousand if not more people watching these matches during the international, not even mentioning the now twitch streamers. Why not boost the amount of people recieving prizes when they are given out. And make it maybe multiplicative based on the viewership, because lets be honest an ultra or a rampage should be celebrated. So maybe for a firstblood or double kill - 10 people, triple kill - 20 - ultra 40 Rampage -80. as a game with maybe 1000 viewers.

Another idea is having an prize given for team banner spectators in addition to the ones given out normally. So if they other team got one then their banner viewers would get a bonus one. Kinda fun idea. And again make it multiply. Not to mention some additonal love for the compendium owners.

You talk about how big this game is , so why not allow the commmunity to celebrate it more with additional to swag commemerate such a massive and amazing event.