Hi all,

Everyone knows downloading replays is painful, this is specially true for TI3 where you have to click and go through multiple webpage refreshes to get to the actual list of games, even then, you can't tell which ones you have seen which makes this quite irritating to use.

So my suggestion should help with this, and make watching replays all the more enjoyable.

Downloading them is REALLY slow, and you have to go to each match, click on download, then click on watch.

Well, why not implement a playlist, where you can select the games you want to watch and have it download the replay files that you are missing while you watch the previous game? It will then go on to the next game automatically.

You could add many features such as watch unwatched games.
View highlights like multi-kills or roshan steals etc if a game has finished playing but the download has not.
Option to fast forward the first x of all matches, or skip the first two draft picks or always skip until start of match.
Option to skip or not the final score screen
... and many more