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[Suggestion/Idea] Allow Replays to Record Voicechat

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  • [Suggestion/Idea] Allow Replays to Record Voicechat

    Not sure if this was discussed already but I think adding the option for replays to record voicechat would be a great addition to the community. Why? To allow players to report players with proof and viceversa (if a player was unjustly voice-banned). Not sure how much bigger this is going to make replays but since replays will go away after awhile anyway so why add this option?

    I'm sure there's going to be a huge influx of players that are going to send a "counter-report" but isn't this one step closer to improving the community?

    Similar to how players are sending replays to channels like DotaCinema, maybe Valve can setup a system to send counter-reports to a moderator, have the sender type down the specific incidents to prove their case. If there was no description, then whomever is reviewing these reports can just dismiss it to save time. The judgement can then be made by these moderators or whomever wants to volunteer to be Judge Doto and although we can predict it to be a slow process.

    Even then if a player gets voice-banned or felt like it was taking to long for the counter-report to be reviewed, maybe these guys can then record the proof themselves to save up space for your servers, etc.

    Also... there are times something really humorous was said or reaction to a situation happened and I wanted to record it :3!

    Your thoughts?

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    First of all, at the time being, if you got reported and were punished, there's no way of removing the punishments. According to the devs, it's an automated system and they won't/can't interfere. So there's no such thing as a counter report atm.

    The system of appealing bans hardly ever works anyway, and is usually a waste space. Most people don't think they're wrong, and would definitely submit an appeal. I remember back in Garena, when people got banned from highlevel rooms for leaving/MH/BM or anything else, people would instantly make an appeal, and hardly any of them would get an unban. It wasted forum space, and mod power, one post out of like a hundred would be a legit case.

    Moving on to storage space issues. I don't know if you noticed, but tournament replays are way way (way) larger than normal replays, why? Because it also holds audio files from casters. The audio files are bigger than match itself. Yes, casters are usually constantly talking unlike players, but do you know how many matches of Dota are played every few minutes? Here . Now then, imagine every one of them had audio files, that would just bloat every single replay size. It would cost a shitton more, and I don't think Valve would find it feasible to do so. Especially since it's almost useless, the ban appeal system is not going to be added (unless we get something like an overwatch), and having the audio for shits and giggles doesn't justify the costs added.

    What I'd like to see though is allied chat being added to the files. It would only add like a few kilobytes of space, but I don't know about the programming and security issues that would come out of doing that. In addition to shitstorms of "MAH PRIVACY and FREEDUMZ" complications.

    I just think it's useless given what it costs to what it gives us.