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[Suggestion] Roshan Timer

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  • [Suggestion] Roshan Timer

    I apologise if I have posted this in the wrong section, so feel free to move the thread or tell me to delete this and repost where it should be.

    I've noticed a number of casters not only being confused, but almost frustrated (to the point of being condescending) towards the current visual representation of Roshan's respawn timer in spectator view. Of course if casters have this problem, most players experience the same feelings or worse and I can say that it continues to prove difficult for myself to understand at times. Given the random aspect of Roshan's respawns, designing a clock that looks and feel authentic, as well as doing the job correctly is obviously a challenge and making it a digital clock (as I have heard people suggest) most definitely breaks the theme.

    I've come up with an alternative that I feel accomplishes the task at hand. If there was a symbol (like arabic numerals) to precisely display how many minutes until Roshan's revival, with a single ring around it (like the one used currently) to represent seconds; I feel this would be most readable. To prevent immersion no-no's, instead of using arabic numerals, it could be roman numerals (which feels less modern and more appropriate for the theme), or perhaps some other symbol; claw markings, runic symbols, etc.

    This is just my idea and of course I'm by no means pushing this to be done or implying that it is the only solution. What you have already definitely works, but I think most people agree that it could be improved.

    Thanks for reading!

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