I was checking the list of downloaded matches to delete some replays, and noticed that something annoying was happening.

If you have a replay of a tournament match, and you drag the cursor above the ticket item, it shows which tournament it belongs in a pop up,
however, this pop up is not disappearing. At least no in Dota 2 for Mac.

I'd like also to suggest that the replay system needs an upgrade. In order to upgrade some of the sets we need watch 80+matches. So we need to click one by one of these matches in order to download,
and in case we decide to delete them, we also need to click 1 by one. These downloaded matches also mix up with all the other normal ones that sometimes we would like to save for ourselves.

So I think we need a interface review for watching replays, and managing files. It would be great if we could select loads of matches and as to download all at the same time, and a system that allow us to
watch the next replay after the current one is finished.