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Replay functionality

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  • Replay functionality

    I feel that the Replay function is quite limiting with only two options available, fast forward (up to 8x) and pause/play. Here are my recommendations of a replay system.

    Skip/backtrack 5 seconds: This is nice to have when you want to rewatch a team fight with just a simple click of a button. Maybe increase the timer to 10 seconds, but I think 5 is good enough.

    Able to move around the map, ability to click heroes and items, etc while paused: I feel that players should be able to pause the game, and look exactly what is happening at that moment. Instead you cannot move around the map at all. I also noticed that you cannot see the statistics (items, gold deviation, etc) while you are paused; it does appear once unpaused however.

    Seek any point in time of the replay on the progress bar: Not much needs to be said about this. Instead of clicking fast forward a couple times to reach the desired time period, I feel players should be able to seek any point in time just by clicking on the progress bar. This will also allow players to go back frames. Right now you cannot watch anything that has already happened again.

    Thank you and I hope that this helps, I love the game and just want to help! If there are any mistakes I will fix

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    I just hope they will implement all the things IceFrog talked about in the Q&A one year ago.

    Q: Will the replay system allow me to move freely backwards and forwards in time rather than having to watch a whole replay? (by Luciando)
    A: You’ll be able to jump around to any point in the replay (yes, please), add bookmarks for easy referencing (can we save the replay with the added bookmarks if we want to show the replay later to a friend?), view detailed stats and graphs while the game is going (pretty much there), and watch through a specific player’s view (with regards to their camera movement)(also already in the beta). You’ll also be able to watch replays with friends (I guess they really mean watching it together so...will you make a watching-lobby or something?) if you want to review a game or learn from your mistakes. To aid videomakers, the replay system will have flexible camera angle and speed controls (Looking forward to machinimas and fan-movies). There will also be a bunch of commentating and editing features (wonder what those will be. Like adding comments to certain events in the game and saving the replay with those?) you can add to your replays.
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      I would assume most of that is still in development, however it would be nice to have the option to jump to any point of a replay.


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        I would assume most of that is still in development, however it would be nice to have the option to jump to any point of a replay. [2]


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          i know this thread is old but i was just watching some replays and i feel one of the things that really anoyed me back in the warcraft III dota era was having to rewatch the hole replay if you skipped a part just by a bit.
          atleast a backwards function would be very great!
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            I don't like bringing up HoN but that game has best replay system I have ever used. Jump to any point is a must. I also noticed if you use 8x and try to move the map it warps a lot.