I created a channel where I share game guides, news, great plays from tournaments, etc. Similar to DOTACINEMA, and many other channels...
I recorded a short clip from the tournament where AdmirallBuldog escapes from 2 disablers. I will keep doing 1 short clip every week from the pro-scene. But today, I got a "3rt party match" warning from youtube, that indicates the owner to that content is ESL. I contacted ESL with a support ticket and they said "ESL is the owner of any content about the DOTA ESL tournament, so you have to contact us before doing any video about it"
So... is this the case? what do I have to do? How is DotaCinema doing the same for 3 minutes? How can I make sure I dont get a strike from any tournament?
How in hell does VALVE let the tournament organizators take rights over their own in-game content?
Thank you!

http://youtu.be/aDbE6UMC5-0 (the video of mine)
http://youtu.be/v-TERvHkuBE (the video of Dotacinema)