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Courierbutton for Spectators

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  • Courierbutton for Spectators

    Watching joindota I remembered an idea I had earlier this month:
    Can we please have a courier button for spectators and broadcasters so we can easily check the items that are in the courier without having to click them and (more important) to know if there were items in the courier in case it died? That would be totally awesome.

    In my mind it could look like this (click 'view image' for a little bit bigger version):

    A few things I thought about: In the top right (next to the other buttons) there's a courier button. It opens the window shown at the middle left of my picture.
    It should be obvious that I just really quickly photoshopped this but what it comes down is this:
    - It's an obvious and easy way to tell difference between Radiant and Dire
    - The items are shown
    - The courier icon in front of the teams could show if it is a normal or a flying courier (in both example cases it's a flying courier)

    The image above is obviously not really well made but it's rather made for a quick and simple example than for graphic enthusiasts.

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    I dont really see a point in this, but thats because I don't really focus on the couriers when I watch matches.


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      But this seems nice as well...
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        Okay, I forgot one semi-reason: TobiWan for instance often wants to check the money of certain heroes and is sometimes unsure if they bought something. You can easily check if the hero has a new item in his inventory or in his stash with the items-screen. But since most of the time people tend to buy stuff in their courier the caster (Tobi does this a lot) has to move the camera to the spawn to check the courier.
        With my suggestion he could easily press one button, see if there's anything interesting in the courier and at the same time stay focussed on what he sees on the battlefield. Just wanted to add that.

        More comments -especially from casters if any of them read this- would be highly appreciated.


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          Originally posted by AzianStrider View Post

          But this seems nice as well...
          You can change this with the key bindings on your own. No need to derail this topic...

          And I agree that this would be useful. Instead of making a separate tab though, maybe add it to the items tab? Seems like that's where it really belongs.


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            I was thinking about that, too. But the items tab generally looks kinda big and messy in my opinion. To add even more info would overfill it even more, I think.


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              Sounds good


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                Excellent idea!


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                  If even ryze supports this it must be implemented! 8)


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                    Shameless self-bump. Anyone else who wants to add something to his?


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                      Looks fine to me


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                            Definitely support!


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                              I support this.