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Searching For Replays (for learning purposes)

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  • Searching For Replays (for learning purposes)

    To begin with: here is my little story that happened to me today: played some support Lion did ok-ish, but I thought I would be better if I learned to gank / roam more effectively. So what better way of learning it that watching a few replays of good players and see how they do from the start to the end and build up a strategy. So I started browsing through the replays, figured I would try and find the replays of a pro player - but of course no chance as I do not have a clue about their nick names. Then I just searched to see just general Lion replays: opened a lot, some were just the regular Lion feeders, others were lion going solo mid, others were just Lions getting carried by others while doing nothing useful the whole game. So not much luck there.

    So I started thinking how would the best way be to find the replays you want. In starcraft, if you want to analyse a pro, it's enough to get his replays, in here not only it's hard to find a certain player, also, due to the number of heroes he plays you might not end up with the proper one. So, in my opinion to make this work, there needs to be a good amount of filtering options in order to find the proper replays for educational purposes.
    I feel that right now there are tons of games being played at a high level in Dota2 and the educational potential of these replays is being wasted because they are impossible to find.

    Therefore, here are some filtering ideas:

    Pro Player Replay

    - players should be arranged into tiers (in function of their MMR) and have the option to look up the replays of players of a specific tier.
    - one might also want to look after a game where a pro-player was matched against similarly skilled players (so no stomps)

    Hero name and Role

    - Hero played
    - Role played : this is more tricky to determine but there are ways to give some meaningful choices:
    • Initial Lane.
    • Starting Build
    • Amount of Roaming done in the early game
    • Amount of farm in the first 10 minutes
    • Amount of XP in the first 10 minutes
    • Creeps Killed / Neutral Creeps Killed
    • Items bought (could be very useful to watch say for example BFury Antimages, or Supports buying wards, or Linas buying Blink Dagger, etc - really helpful in trying to narrow down to a playstyle)
    • K/D/A

    Hero Pairs
    - Maybe I want to watch the Dark Seer - Enigma combo
    - Or one hero being picked to counter another hero.
    - Or two heroes laning together

    Overall Strategy of the game
    - 2-1-2, Trilane, 1-2-2, 1-1-2 + Jungler
    - Game duration: was this a push strat?
    - Number of kills in the game

    Spectator rating of Games / Replays : Featured Replays (games)
    So for games that are already popular and watched a lot by the players you could introduce a rating system where spectators can rate the game and players as a whole.
    Then the replay can be "featured" or at least placed in a special place of great replays: the more votes the better the chance that the replay will be known and watched by others because it contains some wonderful feat.
    So just as we have featured games on the front page, we can add a special, featured replays where great games can be watched for the viewers entertainment and education.

    So there you go, a few ideas about how to make the available knowledge more reachable by the average player. This would be extremely helpful for guide makers, new players, or simply anyone that wishes to improve his play.
    Please post your other ideas about this topic in here.
    Last edited by okrane; 05-01-2012, 03:04 PM.

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    would be nice, but its kinda complex


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      Originally posted by chrisfrh View Post
      would be nice, but its kinda complex
      I agree, but I believe it would be worth it given the huge potential for content all the played games have.
      Having no way to navigate through the huge amount of information will just mean a lot of good stuff will get lost


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        While it's not an implemented solution, this may help you find what you're looking for: