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Directed cam stops changing hero selection after clicking one- replay (or live)

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  • Directed cam stops changing hero selection after clicking one- replay (or live)

    1. Watch a game, replay or live, in directed camera

    2. The camera follows heroes around based on which one the algorithm decides is most important to watch- whichever one is being followed is selected at the bottom, i can see their items / skills etc.

    3. Click a hero- (say it has been focusing on CM for a while and I want to see leshrac's build- ill click him, sometimes by toggling off of directed cam, sometimes just by clicking him when the screen happens to pass over him)

    4. that selected hero stays selected for the rest of the game. The camera itself still changes focus based on who the director algorithm decides, but the original hero i clicked stays selected. This means that I suddenly cant play hands-off unless I dont want to see hero builds any more

    Sidenote-- the directed camera, while awesome, has its flaws. I'd like a hotkey to go into free camera easily-

    Here's the issue. I understand that the director auomatically parses the game and follows whichever players are fighting, with emphasis on heroes that are about to score a kill. The PROBLEM is if 2 heroes are "about" to get a kill, but the hero escapes. The director will cut away from the chase in the middle of the fight. They could be towerdiving, almost in range of the last stun- director doesnt care, since it's always analyzing games that have already happened (one of the reasons spectating is on a delay) it knows there is no kill made. SO, it cuts away. I click back to the kill but nothing happens becaues i have to go up to the top and dick around with the dropdown menu first. by the time I have that done, i go look at the kill but the play was already made and everyone walked away. PLUS its kinda spoiler-ish, if the camera cuts away i KNOW no kill is made.

    What i'd like is the ability to easily go into free cam- if i press CTRL for example, it lets me do my own thing. of course the best route would be of sc2-- if any action at all is performed (scrolling to the edge of screen, clicking on the minimap) directed camera is disabled. To re-enable it, just press C. that's incredibly intuitive and nice.

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    If you mouse right-click anywhere on the screen, it will go back to auto-focus hero mode.