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New codec playback - Tobi's commentary becomes garbled over time

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  • New codec playback - Tobi's commentary becomes garbled over time

    ...and in the game.

    Listening to Tobi's commentary in the replays during past few days, I've noticed this problem. Specifically in The Defense matches EG vs Mouz, Na'Vi vs mTw and mTw vs

    The commentary starts out fine, but slowly it becomes more garbled over time. It's like instead of playing a continuous sound it comes out as a rapid stutter or something. I can still make out what Tobi is saying, though.

    The problem will fix itself if there's a gab in the audio (the audio pauses for a moment, voice icon disappears). I can also pause the game for a second to fix it manually. If I rewind 10-20 seconds when audio is garbled, that bit won't be garbled when I listen to it a second time.

    These are all temporary fixes, the audio will become garbled again after a minute or two.

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    Ever since the new codec I've been getting something similar, where the commentary audio will become stuttered with static after roughly 20 - 30 seconds, then return fine after a few mins, then garbled again etc. at random intervals.

    This doesn't seem affected by CPU usage but it does seem partially related to the framerate, if I turn detail and resolution down so I get constant 60fps (i normally run with average 30-40 which is more than playable), it wont happen for a while but still eventually after a few mins go into static which I can clear by quick switching audio channel or pausing like OP describes.

    In other words, the codec is too fragile depending on the framerate and any lack of ability to process audio eventually snowballs :*( .
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      Getting the same thing. Hoping for a fix!


      • #4
        Still no changes to the hero picker, guess its not really a primary concern since it doesn't affect the competitive aspect of the game seeing how CM still has the good picker. Anyways please get around to fixing the hero picker when you can.

        Also thank you, thank you, thank you for the not center on respawn with the camera.


        • #5
          I got the same thing except it was messed up at first, and got better over time.
          Doing a great job Valve!


          • #6
            Have this too.

            Watching Darer v Col game 1, at about 5 minutes in I noticed tobi's mic goes off for a moment. When it comes back he has perfect clarity.

            I also noticed that when it starts sounding like garbage, simply selecting a different audio channel then going back to tobi will restore the regular audio quality, even if the game is paused while doing so. Bug seems to be related to how long his mic is "open" on the client end. Alt+tabbing seems to reset it as well.

            I have to reset the audio channel every few minutes. Highly annoying.


            • #7
              I'm having the same issue with all commentary. Sometimes I can't even make out what they are saying.


              • #8
                I've also noticed this for a while now, it also happened in the EG vs AL game for me.


                • #9
                  It seems to have started just over a week ago. Happening to multiple casters audio. Making it very hard to keep them on.


                  • #10
                    I have been getting the same thing, but tonight it was even worse, switching audio channels during pause only made things worse instead of clearing up. It turned into max volume electronic noise. I'm not sure why caster audio seems to degrade so.


                    • #11
                      yup, i've got the same problem


                      • #12
                        Bump. Ive noticed a couple of casters have had a horribly annoying 'feedback' sort of sound in the last couple of weeks. Its hard to describe but its a little like a wub-wub that changes in pitch (and no its not their bad music heh). I thought it might just be a specific caster at first (Ayesee) but then I noticed it on someone else's voice (cant remember who).

                        Overall the sound quality has declined a bit lately imo.


                        • #13
                          ^ I actually get that issue with LD's commentary rather than Aysee's, and I'm pretty sure its simply because LD has his mic volume too high (hes twice as loud as luminous).


                          • #14
                            Sorry for quick bump, but I just found out that in console 'stopsound' does the same thing as the previous workarounds to fix the degrading-over-time commentary audio (gives a quick pause in commentary audio, then smooth again). So for instance, 'bind k stopsound' gives you a quick reset button for commentary audio by hitting k. A script to have that command run every minute or so would also be a good solution, if anyone knows how.

                            Also, 'sv_cheats 1' is required to use stopsound, which only affects replays and can be put in autoexec.cfg for convenience.
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                            • #15
                              I have same problem. Hope they fix this before tI2