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Download Error 206

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  • #16
    I'm surprised its been this long and the issue hasn't been resolved. I've been using the following as a workaround in order to queue up replay downloads in conjunction with a download manager, so I may as well share:

    It is possible to get direct replay links to download through a browser, which you can find using either the dotabuff website, or a packet sniffer.
    Note: There is probably a simpler method, but I have no idea how dotabuff gets replays from match IDs, and the web API (which could easily be used to script up downloads for match IDs) is never working.

    For most pub games; you should be able to put the match ID in dotabuff and it will give you a replay link at the top right corner of the match details page. If the download link doesn't work, the match is probably just unavailable (unrelated to error 206).

    For tournament, private, and pub games where dotabuff cannot find the match ID; you will need to use a packet sniffer. This guide will show my method using Wireshark, an open source packet sniffer.
    1. Get Wireshark and start the program.
    2. In the capture section on the main page, ctrl+select all the interfaces listed and click start.
    3. Enter the following filter:
      http.request.uri contains "/570/"
      and hit apply. This should be remembered in the list, so in the future just click the drop down box and select it.
    4. All that screaming text should now be silent, time to start up Dota 2.
    5. Simply open up the match details of which ever replay you wish to download, where it shows the download link. You don't need to attempt to download the replay.
    6. Alt-Tab back into Wireshark, and it should have found some HEAD packets, which are used by Dota 2 to confirm whether or not a replay exists. The correct packets will show a .dem.bz2 file in the info section.
    7. Select the packet, and in the information section below, click to unravel the Hypertext Transfer protocol section, and you should have a replay link you can double click. The end result should look like this:

    Once you have the replay, extract the .dem.bz2 file (you will need a program like 7-zip or winrar) to:
    Steam\steamapps\common\dota 2 beta\dota\replays\
    and remove the second number so that the filename is the match id, followed by .dem (i.e 59649229.dem for match id 59649229)

    Hope that helps any other poor soul suffering from error 206.
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    • #17
      Thanks Waistless, I downloaded wireshark last night in anticipation of figuring out if this could be worked around in the way you describe.
      But you've saved me the hassle.

      Next step: see if I can script this using dota2buff for the magic.
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      • #18
        I'm getting 206 Errors non-stop today. To be honest, it's a little upsetting considering I have to work all day and essentially paid to watch these games on demand. What's even more upsetting is that I can find the same games on youtube... with my preferred caster... in HD... for FREE... and not have to hassle with this.

        This really needs to be addressed and fixed because I would love to support future tournaments but I really can't be sitting here fighting with the client for an hour every time I want to download a replay. Seriously, as I've been typing this, I've been fighting to get game 1 of the AtoD 2 finals to download...

        EDIT: This post was made at 8:13 PM PST after I have fought with this Replay for at least 10 minutes. It is now 8:58 PM PST and the download FINALLY made it to 100%... Yeah, this needs to get fixed... I still have 2 more games to go...

        Edit 2: Games 2 and 3 downloaded just fine. That was also at about 9:45 PM PST. I'm curious to wonder if this problem is also connected with the amount of users playing or downloading replays at any given time. Next time I hop on interstate 206 during rush hour, I'll be sure to note the users and compare it to when it starts to download fine again.

        Also, I may have over-reacted a bit above. I was very anxious to watch my games.
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        • #19
          I can download the tournament games really fast. But cannot download one of my own games (Error 206 )


          • #20
            I get the same problem. Whenever I try to download my own replays it fails concluding the error 206. That cannot and shouldnt be.

            Edit: Also I tried to download it at 12AM Sunday. Not exactly a "rush-hour".
            Edit2: It said 2k Players were online during that period.
            My color is blue!


            • #21
              It actuallly works for me if I click on the profile of one in my team and select the match in his game history!


              • #22
                At least it pops up with an error now instead of freezing at the download percentage it gets to.
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                Base Model Error List


                • #23
                  having this problem today, shouldnt it work flawlessly for slower connections as well
                  specs for bugreports:
                  AMD Radeon HD 8750M
                  win 7


                  • #24
                    Yep I've never had this before now it's happening everytime


                    • #25
                      This always happens to me...


                      • #26
                        This problem started occurring for me yesterday. No matter which replay I try to download it just stops at like 20% and gives me the 206 error.


                        • #27
                          I get error 206 as well, but my downloadbar never even reaches 1%. Its always stuck on 0%. I want to submit a very epic swagafiend rampage but I just cant.
                          It really makes me sad.

                          I have 1k Mbit connection*


                          • #28
                            I get this error no matter what replay I try to download. Even my own games throw up errors. Guess the replay system is broken for good.
                            My Dota 2 workshop AceMcShanks


                            • #29
                              No fix yet? :v


                              • #30
                                Gotten really bad lately.
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