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Download Error 206

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  • Originally posted by Waistless View Post
    ^ And if you had actually read you would find dotabuff does not store match IDs for paid tournament replays, as much as I wish they did.


    • I really can't believe we paid for the tickets and we can't download the replays. Valve please, we just want to watch the matches.

      Nobody should have to use packet sniffers to get stuff they paid for, it doesn't make sense.
      Best idea I've seen in many years.


      • The most annoying part is, I bought the ticket because I can't watch live and wanted to enjoy the games whenever I want to in best ingame quality.


        • The latest patch fix worked for me. Thank you, Valve.


          • downloading 3%..

            and stuck back to 0% ..

            Anyone having same problem?


            • None thank Valve yet?
              Ok we had suffered this bug for so long but after today patch, I feel very thankful when the bug obviously gone away for me. Love you Dota2 Devs <3


              • Originally posted by ArthazHolic View Post
                downloading 3%..

                and stuck back to 0% ..

                Anyone having same problem?
                same here ...


                • Originally posted by AaaNormaL View Post
                  same here ...


                  • Yes This ^


                    • Can a dev also take a look at this match: 62656047
                      Thanks in advance


                      • This new system is much worse. Now it just gets to the percentage where it'd normally fail, stops, fills the console with retry messages, and murders my connection until I close Dota 2 and about five more minutes after that (unless I kill Steam too.)

                        Guess I'll stick to Wireshark.


                        • Let's give them some credit. They did eliminate Download Error 206. Next up: Download Error 0.


                          • Congrats on fixing NOTHING, valve.


                            Hilariously, at this point, the dota 2 client keeps trying to re-request the same chunks while the steam executable is actually still downloading them.
                            After a couple of minutes of thrashing the network connection, the dota 2 client starts trying to give up and delete the partial files that steam.exe is still writing to. Which fails, so it starts complaining about that.

                            Meanwhile, steam.exe keeps wasting bandwidth downloading data that will never be used.

                            Come on you guys. This is *really* easy to debug.

                            Step 1 - get a network rate limiter program.
                            Step 2 - set it to 100kbps or similar
                            Step 3 - Test and fix all the bugs.

                            It's so easy to reproduce this stuff you should be able to fix everything in a couple of days of programming tops.
                            Last edited by jrodman; 01-05-2013, 02:46 PM.


                            • Originally posted by Waistless View Post
                              I'm surprised its been this long and the issue hasn't been resolved. I've been using the following as a workaround in order to queue up replay downloads in conjunction with a download manager, so I may as well share:

                              It is possible to get direct replay links to download through a browser, which you can find using either the dotabuff website, or a packet sniffer.
                              Note: There is probably a simpler method, but I have no idea how dotabuff gets replays from match IDs, and the web API (which could easily be used to script up downloads for match IDs) is never working.

                              For most pub games; you should be able to put the match ID in dotabuff and it will give you a replay link at the top right corner of the match details page. If the download link doesn't work, the match is probably just unavailable (unrelated to error 206).

                              For tournament, private, and pub games where dotabuff cannot find the match ID; you will need to use a packet sniffer. This guide will show my method using Wireshark, an open source packet sniffer.
                              1. Get Wireshark and start the program.
                              2. In the capture section on the main page, ctrl+select all the interfaces listed and click start.
                              3. Enter the following filter:
                                http.request.uri contains "/570/"
                                and hit apply. This should be remembered in the list, so in the future just click the drop down box and select it.
                              4. All that screaming text should now be silent, time to start up Dota 2.
                              5. Simply open up the match details of which ever replay you wish to download, where it shows the download link. You don't need to attempt to download the replay.
                              6. Alt-Tab back into Wireshark, and it should have found some HEAD packets, which are used by Dota 2 to confirm whether or not a replay exists. The correct packets will show a .dem.bz2 file in the info section.
                              7. Select the packet, and in the information section below, click to unravel the Hypertext Transfer protocol section, and you should have a replay link you can double click. The end result should look like this:

                              Once you have the replay, extract the .dem.bz2 file (you will need a program like 7-zip or winrar) to:
                              Steam\steamapps\common\dota 2 beta\dota\replays\
                              and remove the second number so that the filename is the match id, followed by .dem (i.e 59649229.dem for match id 59649229)

                              Hope that helps any other poor soul suffering from error 206.

                              Has this method stopped working for anyone?


                              • try download the replays from dotabuff
                                i do the same

                                wont work for tournament matches though