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[Suggestion] - Match History Unaccesibility

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  • [Suggestion] - Match History Unaccesibility

    Firstly i couldnt find a subtree for my suggestion so i opened it up on replays but it is also about replays.

    As my title says, im pretty sure that most of us watching their previous games from the game history menu showing them to their mates, recording them and stuff like that. But there is a big issue im affecting from these menus which is completely HORRIBLE to access specific games, even previous games. games in game history menu are storing ascending through date and thats all. there no way we can access specific games easily and plus that there is no scrolling option or a direct shortcut to a page in which game was stored. To be honest i didint think deeply into it so i will just say stuff basicly.

    IMO what needed here is a basic filtering system and some more improvements im pretty sure that you will fill my gaps here. Firsty and vitaly it is needed to filter previous games based on heroes. For example we have played 500 games and want to see our games with Axe, so we just select axe and BOM all our games with hero Axe opens up. Or we want to see games in which we won or lose. Or see games with a friend, we select the option involve friend or smt and there it is. And it can be advanced in like games we become godlike or games our gold per minute is above a value and so many various way.

    And also i think adding an option about rating our previous games on 10 points and being able to add comments to the game which only can be seen by us would be awesome. For example we played a game with Axe we did a pretty good job and played perfectly and of course it was a challenging and thrilling game we just rate it like 9/10 and comment it as the game i owned with axe and stuff like that.

    So, thats all what are you guys thinking about ?

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    By the way, i just had an awesome idea, how would it be if we add time marks on our replays and adding little notes on them. For example We are playing as pudge and managed a perfect hook at 12.45, we just make a time mark and write in it the perfect hook, or in 21.53 we made a mistake, just put the time mark and call it dont do that again and. i would love to have such an option in my game which would be totally brilliant, what are you thinking about it ?


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      ^Replay Annotation!? This would be phenomenal for players. It ties into coaching other, improving yourself, AND video making. Nice. I love it. I would die for Valve to implement this!

      What if players could annotate a replay, and then export and pass on their annotations to someone else!? Just like how you can edit and export a hero layout... oh, the possibilities!

      I also agree that the way our match history is designed is fairly horrid.

      Here's a bunch of random tweaks that would be nice:
      0) removing the "reveal winner" from games that you participated in (or just match history, either or)
      1) being able to scroll through pages and matches
      2) being able to filter games by the hero you played
      3) being able to filter by settings/tags, just as one might filter TF2 servers based on tags e.g. Mode: vs_bots/vs_players/ap/rd/sd/cm, or Hero: riki/prophet/brood
      4) being able to view your stats per game, instead of the entire page for everyone. Similar to how wc3 bots like dotacash work, where scrolling through your player history shows your stats in past games. Why is this nice? This method saves time, allowing you to quickly skim your matches for that one match you want to watch again, or that guy you played with in that one match as Pudge or that Wisp that was a really nice support combo to your Ursa. This would not be the default option; this would be within filtering.

      I think (4) is especially helpful since it also saves on loading pages. Currently, you have to wait to receive data on everyone and everything in the entire match before you can see anything at all. A lot of the time, you just don't need that.
      Last edited by Invoqwer; 08-05-2012, 07:27 PM.