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  • Replay statistics

    Replay mode haven't any tipe of support options when oneself want make any video of matchs played ,so for any player could make his own video needs to have the next options addeed to replay mode.

    "Kill spot" ----Show when a hero dieds
    "Escape or Saved" ----Show when a hero reach below 10% of his Hp and go to base without get killed.
    "Team figth" -----show when 2 or all heros of both team figth together.
    "Player chase" ----show when 1 or more heros hunts a enemy player.
    "Roshan deads" ---show when roshan is killed.
    "Heavy weapons"---- show when the ultis of 4 or more players has been used at same area.
    "Another eye"---- show when any player puts a sentry.
    "last moments"---- Show the final of the game.
    "Nerd rage or Pro moment" ----show when a player gets kills 2 or more players consecutive.
    "Derp dead"---show when 3 or more players kill a enemy player and another of same team come alone and got killed too without get any kill.

    Needs mini options trasdalate at that moment 45,30,20,16 or 5 seconds before of happends.

    If those options are added and enables to the replay mode all players would be free to make his owns videos about their matcheds VERY, VERY EASY !!!!!

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    Wow man, no need for all the caps, and this is the wrong forum section. And I would not say that OMFG THIS IS LIKE SO TOTALLY NEEDED!!! But they do seem like nice features to add. (and there is also no need for the blue)