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Dummy games

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  • Dummy games

    often a series of games will be best of 3, or best of 5. But if a team wins 2-0 or 3-0 then there aren't the full number of matched played. If I am going through the replays in a tournement I can often tell that only two games were played in a best of 3 becuase there were only two replays available, thus ruining the outcome of the second match after watching the first. Would It be possible to add in dummy games that just link to nothing (or a message or whatever) in order to not spoil games in advance.

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      Well, or any other method we could use to avoid knowing outcomes ahead of time, such as a tournament tree that let us click on nodes to view the matches in order.


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        I do not think dummy games are the solution. Dummy games solves the problem but I feel people might feel tricked when they realize it was not a real game.
        Another way of solving this problem is as jrodman is saying as nodes in a tournament tree that either automatically plays the games in order, or lets you browse the games by a next-button.

        A third way very similar to the previous one is to sort the games under titles like "Grand Final" or "winners bracket EG vs Ehome" or anything like that, and the same kind of browsing when clicked.

        I do really think this is an important thing, it's kind of like trying to watch a recorded football game and knowing who wins because someone sat on the remote mid game and changed channel to the sports news.


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          +1 to the dummy games.

          It does indeed feel like I was cheated on, as in: "WTF they promised me 3 games and theres only 2". But not knowing in advance who's the winning team outweighs the bitchslap.


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            I think that the node/tree map with no team info (Semi-Finals: Bracket A, as opposed to Semi Finals:Na'vi vs EHOME) is the way to go, along with a button that lets you single click to download and watch all the replays from a bracket in order without needing to drill down to individual matches. That way you can click "Watch Semi-Final: Bracket A" and for a best of three it will show you Match #1, Match #2, and then Match #3 if it exists, without ever telling you ahead of time how many matches you're about to watch.

            You could even have a top level button that let you do that for the entire tournament.

            This would probably need the ability to stop a replay mid match, quit Dota 2, and then resume the replay on restarting Dota 2, but that doesn't seem like it would be a hard feature to implement.