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Spoilers in tournament replay display

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  • Spoilers in tournament replay display


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    First of all, if a team takes it 2-0, then there is not a 3rd game listed, and after seeing the first game you know who won the second. Potential fix: Have a dummy clickable 3rd game.

    Secondly, the likes/disklikes system. Honestly i didnt really think this is a good idea. I can look at a replay and see that one match is 90% liked, and another is 50% liked. Coincidentally, crowd favorites (like say, i dont know, Mouz with SingSing) winning happen to correspond to the high like percentage. Solution: Remove "like/dislike" and add another way for a player to gauge whether or not he wants to watch the match without spoiling it- List the heroes picked without showing items and final kill score.

    Lastly, it posts the most recent matches first, with older matches afterwards. Basically, if I'm more than 1 day behind, the results of the matches will be spoiled because I will see the names of the teams that were in the more recent games played. Solution: Remake the replay display list. Instead of a chronological list, do an actual bracket where you click to see replay and click another button to see results of a match (which progresses to show the next round of replays).
    Why not copy it? This forum has absolutely no relation to reddit.

    First has been suggested before you may be able to find the topic via search, as I recall the consensus was nobody wants to be disappointed by imaginary matches.

    Second your suggestion is much more of a 'spoiler' than the like system. I can't imagine any system better than the simple 'like' one.

    Third I don't understand your suggestion but chronological seems very logical to me and this seems like a very nit-picky complaint (but again I don't fully understand so forgive me if I'm mistaken here).


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      He's saying that with the current order, you will see for the teams that have advanced first, spoilling you what happened in earlier matches before watching them. example Finals: X vs Y. which mean that in the match listed a bit further down(played earlier in the tournament) those two team won't lose.
      The world is black and white. On one side there are those who are right, complain about valve, spam unhelpfully and everyone who disapprove what you are doing are obviously valveknights.


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        seems you could have posted your thoughts here: