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[Suggestion] Storage Replays Ticket

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  • [Suggestion] Storage Replays Ticket

    Well, I've seen a considerable amount of people complaining about them having their replays "unavailable" because some time frame has passed (someone told me replays that are over 30 days old become unavailable, but I dunno).

    Lots of people want to make videos with a compilation of their/their friends best plays and are unable to do so because of these replays expiring. You either make the video while the replay is fresh or come to the forum complain, and never get a reply about your replay (Don't get me wrong, I don't support this attitude, I am merely stating that this does happen).

    I understand that Valve is dealing with server issues and they are prioritizing the expansion of their server game capacity over server storage capacity (or whatever, dunno if I'm talking nonsense here). But since alot of people view video making a big issue in Dota 2 I think Valve should at least give these players an option to store their replays.

    Therefore, here comes my suggestion: You should be able to buy a ticker/voucher/whatever that would allow you to store an "X" number of games. While in the range of this "X" number of games you will be able to include/exclude, at will, your replays, making it possible for you to safely make your videos, show to your friends, or whater you want to do with your replays. Maybe you just want to save that game because something awesome happened, perhaps you won an impossible Super Creeps Game and you want to save it, maybe you got a rampage against all odds, maybe you last hitted roshan while the enemy team was killing it, stole the aegis and got away.

    I don't know how much this ticket should cost, I have no idea their servers costs and etc. I just want to suggest the possibility of purchasing it.

    Pros: A couple of happy customers/players;
    Possible source of income;
    I don't see any grief or flaming arising from the implementation of this item.

    Cons: I have no idea if this is feasible.

    Sorry for any mistakes, English is not my main language.

    All constructive criticism is wellcome!

  • #2
    Just add an option to automatically download all replays and store them locally. It can be done while searching for a match where the impact on your network performance isn't as important.


    • #3
      Well thats a much easier way of solving the problem >.<

      Thanks for the reply, and sorry for my dumb suggestion.


      • #4
        I don't know about that, Kelvin. I'm not sure about the average size of a replay, but any "hardcore" player that plays 10s of games a day would probably fill up his computer way too quickly with that option enabled, don't you think?


        • #5
          ~25mb * 1000 for me = 25,000mb = 25gb.


          • #6
            Instead of saving all games, could add a button in the end of the game "Save this replay"