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What is the life time for a replay?

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  • What is the life time for a replay?

    I can't even download replays from games I've played from a month ago and this has consistently been a problem for me. I understand that storage is limited but the life of a replay is barely even a month?

    I'm sorry for sounding self entitled. I apologize in advanced.

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    Let's do some napkin math.

    As of writing this, said it had about 28,000,000 matches indexed, so let's say 30,000,000 matches.

    A replay is somewhere near 25mb on average based on an extremely small sample size of my personal experience.

    30 000 000 * 25 megabytes =~ 715 terabytes

    Amazon's s3 currently would charges around ten cent per GB per month to store data (
    715 TB = 715,000 GB
    715,000 GB * $0.10 = $71,500 per month.

    Ok, $70,000 dollars per month... How about holding it ourselves?
    Newegg has a desktop 3TB hard drive for $150. How many would we need to hold 715 TB of replays?

    715 TB / 3 TB =~ 238 drives, minimum.
    238 * $150 = $35,700 in drives as a one time up-front cost for the drives.

    However that does not account for maintenance, electricity, administration, rent for the physical space that the drives would take up, and all of the hardware infrastructure that they would require. I assume it would be less than $70,000 per month though.

    Finally we must consider that those are the costs for the current amount of replays, which will only increase with the number of matches played, and even more matches will be played as the player population grows. Income should also increase as player population grows.

    One figure of income from Valve which was that the Timebreaker mace in the Summer Sale sold ~24,000 units. Keys cost $2.50 each. That's $60,000 for that one item, but 25% goes to the creator, so Valve received $45,000. If there were 10 items in the chest and we assume equal probability (even though it wasn't equal), then we can estimate extremely roughly that the Summer Sale chests made Valve around $450,000 in revenue. The revenue then has whatever taxes, employee salaries, etc. In-game store sales are the only income for DOTA 2, since it is free to play.

    Anyway, it's not cheap to store a large amount of data, even if Valve did it themselves.

    I would like to have all replays available, but since some have probably already expired then we'll never have the entire set of replays unless Valve has been stashing them in some cold storage somewhere.
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      I miss the option to store replays on your own. In Dota i saved my favourite replays in different folders (f.e. nice juking, comebacks, funny chatlog, etc.). Seems that the only way to have it on your own is to record every game live and store the video on your computer.


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        Originally posted by gattsu View Post
        I miss the option to store replays on your own. In Dota i saved my favourite replays in different folders (f.e. nice juking, comebacks, funny chatlog, etc.). Seems that the only way to have it on your own is to record every game live and store the video on your computer.

        Or download the replay and then go to your replay folder and use the .dem file in the exact same way?


        • #5
          The fact that we can download the replays doesn't make it it that bad. Just remember to download them after matches when something special happens. Then 1-2 months are quite fine for a free game.

          Would be pretty cool though if you could tick some "download replay automatically after match" option.

          Btw very post walkingcarpet! +1


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            This would be great to know. Because nowdays it looks like i can't even watch replays from 3 weeks ago. Would be great if we could store the replays on our hard drives like in TF2.


            • #7
              There should be replay autosave, just like in dota1.

              And the 30 days availability is not working either. Very often it says replay unavailable, or pending, whatever. So I try again in few days/weeks. But no! you replay is too old. Meh.