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'startmovie' command audio recording is BROKEN

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  • 'startmovie' command audio recording is BROKEN

    Tried to record some video yesterday, and the video itself (.tga sequence) came out fine. However, the audio recording (.wav file) was significantly 'slowed down' or not in sync with the video at my chosen host_framerate (30).

    The sounds themselves were fine as in they didn't sound distorted or anything like that, they just weren't in sync at all with the video.

    If the video was 15 seconds long the audio would be like 28 or 30 seconds long, because that's how long it took to record the clip. It's like the audio being recorded does not account for the slowdown produced by 'startmovie', instead it just records all the sound as it gets queued DURING THE ACTUAL RECORDING, when it should be queued AS IT HAPPENS in the demo.

    If that doesn't make sense, I made an image to hopefully help explain it better than this:

    If it still doesn't make sense, post here and I will try again to explain, or you can just go try it for yourself and/or tell me what I'm doing wrong, because I've looked all over and nobody seems to know anything about this issue. It is also probably why you hardly see any videos of the game with actual gamesound that haven't been recorded with FRAPS or some other screen recording software (because it's a pain in the balls to get a synced audio track that will go with your recording).

    Thanks for reading. I'm anxiously awaiting a fix for this.
    Last edited by SYM; 10-08-2012, 12:31 AM.

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    Bump. Would at least like a confirmation that this is broken.


    • #3
      I also have this problem if i record in separate frames and audio and also if i record directly into .avi in whatever codec.


      • #4
        I can also confirm this. I've been trying to find someone else experiencing the problem as well.. finally!

        The audio file ends up being longer than the video file and the sound desync just gets even worse the longer the clip is.


        • #5
          This gets fixed if you use host_framerate 30, and then any further problems with audio sync can be fixed with camtasia studio. Simply select the avi in camtasia, select clip speed, and enter something like 99%. THis will cause a green bar to appear below the avi in camtasia. YOu can then select the right edge of the green bar, and drag the avi's length so that it exactly fits the audio. And bingo, your video is in perfect sync with the audio. But host_Framerate 30 is required to make the audio not be super long in length.


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            Sorry I was incorrect in my previous post. You have to use host_framerate 15 to get the audio to record 1 second of audio for 1 second of game time. That's totally messed up. BUt then the frames won't be in sync. Looks like there is no way then to do it except to record the frames at host_framerate 30, and then to run another recording, this time just to get the audio, and use host_framerate 15 for that, and then use camtasia studio to stretch the avi so that it fits to the length of the audio exactly. What a pain.


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              Ignore my previous two answers. Recording at 15 frames per second improves the sync, but it's still far from perfect. Today I recorded the audio manually using an external program. I set the host_framerate to 30, and recorded the whole game. I then looked at my audio and noticed that it was longer than the game, so clearly the game does not play at exactly 30 frames per second. So I stretched my AVI recording of the game, which I recorded at exactly 30 frames per second (using startmovie), and made it fit my externally-recorded audio. STILL DOES NOT SYNC!! Even though the frames began at the exact frame my audio began on, and ends at the exact frame my audio ends on, it drifts away from my audio anywhere up to 10 seconds or more throughout the game, either ahead of my audio or lagging behind my audio, so I guess the game plays back at variable speeds even though I said host_framerate 30. Ugh. So just stretching to video to fit my manually-recorded audio DOES NOT WORK. I'm basically at square one still trying to figure out how to record the audio of dota 2. It shouldn't be this difficult.