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Dota 2 Replay Manager

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  • Dota 2 Replay Manager

    I've been doing some searching and so far I'm unable to come up with any results on the matter. How would the community feel about a replay manager for Dota 2? Basically it will give you a GUI for organizing, downloading, rating, sharing and launching replays.

    Currently there isn't much support for saved replays. If you wanted to watch one that you saved at a later date, you'd either have to find the match in the history and click the watch button or use the console to launch it.

    If there's enough interest I'll start working on a basic manager with a GUI as a prototype. Displaying basic match details for the games will probably follow after that. Suggestions and feedback is welcome.

  • #2
    +1, would be appreciate it sir, it would be nice if the apps can filter tournament match and normal one. and show the match detail (hero, item, match date) without revealing the winner first..

    and i agree, there is no support for saved replay atm..

    oh, if it possible again, filtering tournament match can be more specific like what tournament the match on (the international. starladder, etc)

    u got my full support man


    • #3
      there is another way to watch replays you saved: go to the steam/steamapps/common/dota 2 beta/dota/replays and copy the name of the replay you wanna watch. launch dota, search for recent games and paste it in match id.

      but i agree - a replay manager would make watching replays MUCH easier.


      • #4
        If the API allows me to gather data about the tournament, which I believe it does from what I've seen, then I can add a filter for tournaments. I agree with it being spoiler free so I will include that option as well.

        @Phoenix This is exactly why I want to create the manager. A lot of people don't even know where their replays folder is. To me the current methods make you go out of your way to watch a replay.


        • #5
          Update: Prototyping is well under way. I've already got a majority of the GUI laid out as well as some of the basic functions like displaying the replays in a list and launching the replay in dota. Once I'm satisfied with what I've got I will release the prototype and try to include a list of features and maybe even the order in which they will come.

          Since the API is still inaccessible I will probably parse replay data from (granted they're okay with it) until Valve figures something out. They should be fine with me doing that since the parsing only needs to take place once, as I will be saving that data into a file for the replay manager.

          EDIT: I should have included a quick snapshot of the current GUI. Keep in mind that this is still a work in progress. The replays list view is dynamically generated at runtime (and upon changes to the designated replays folder) so until that's all ironed out it's just a placeholder button for now.
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          • #6
            Holy shit have my baby

            THIS IS AMAZING


            • #7
              I haven't given an update in awhile and I'm sorry about that. The prototype is, for the most part, done and is able to read your /replays folder and launch your replay without being in the game as a requirement. However, I may hold off on releasing the prototype as I have some very good news about the future of the project...

              I was contacted by a very respected member of the community, who is also a great programmer, with the interest of collaborating on the replay manager with me. We will be working together to try and make this program as feature-full and easy to use as possible, and we've already begun brainstorming interesting ideas for the future of the project. We have big plans for this, but it may take a bit of time to get everything implemented. I will create a release thread for the program to separate discussion of replay management from discussion on the program itself in my next update.


              • #8
                No details have been given, but I'm pretty sure that it's been stated that a form of replay management is coming eventually.


                • #9
                  Might want to look at previous replay praser like this Dota Replay Manager. Good luck.


                  • #10
                    It will be a replay managing tool that includes most, if not all, of what the wc3 replay manager can do.


                    • #11
                      It would be great!


                      • #12
                        BUMP for epicness. I think this would be awesome. I don't know how, but maybe an in-game "replay folder" or something like that. Oh yes and definately some filters for specific tournament matches (TI2, GosuLeague, Star Ladder, The Defense, G1-League, etc).


                        • #13
                          Dota 2 NEEDS a replay manager. Like just somewhere we can click and it shows us all our downloaded replays, so we can watch them with ease without all the hassle of going through the steamapps/dota2/ maps. +100000 from me! ^^


                          • #14

                            I quickly made something up using AutoItV3. Heros and Players participating and maybe a Search Bar will all that is going to be added in near future.



                            virus check:

                            Packed with upx so your AntiVir might forbid to run it. Source Code included to compile it yourself if you don't trust it.


                            • #15
                              So I have no idea if this is dead, but I hope it is not! A feature I haven't seen so far and would love to have is a function to put in the hero you played yourself and maybe another hero you played with or against. Most of the time I remember certein scenes played by the core heros in it so that would be great. Also and I am sorry to say that, but the tool posted right above my answer here does not yet have any useful functionality (even spelled RadiAnt wrong). Well keep it rocking guys I hope to see a good replay manager (soon?)!