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Why hide binds in replays?

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  • Why hide binds in replays?

    Dear, developer`s team
    I play dota 2 and often watch replays, and I often change my controls and binds for better control of my hero, but I have trouble with 1 moment. When I watch Internationals 2 I didn’t see how top players( like LGD.Sylar, iG.Ferrari) use their skills\items (I mean I cant see what buttons they press). It would be cool if it would be possible to see their controls(skills,items,binds,on\off autoattack. I`m a big fan of Ferrari_430, he don’t have his own streams, so I cant watch on his binds and controls, but it would be interesting too look on it in Dota 2. Then more information we have, then more it is interesting to play.I think it would be interesting to all people what buttons use PROplayres)

    PS. When I play I see what key is for what skill\item, when I watch championship I cant see it.

    PS2. I`m not talking about streams on youtube, I`m talking about replays of Dota 2.
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    I think hotkeys are client side, so the server never knows that you used but "skill 1, item slot 1, etc". The steam servers that manage configuration and the ones that host games are different. Which is why sometimes matchmaking can be disabled but you can still log on and change config. Maybe making the game server download the players config and put that in the replay metadata would be too much of a hassle and pressure on the servers. A player can change hotkeys even during game.
    I'm sorry Valve, but the only way I know how to coach players is with tough love.

    We all play for fun, try hards are just WAY BETTER than you. Read this. is about development, if you want to QQ about your last match (trust me, matchmaking algorithm has nothing to do with it): Click here


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      We have view from the first person where we can see his cursor, so I think there should not be problems with buttons


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        Developers please give me an answer


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          Developers please give me an answer


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            Developers please give me an answer


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              replays you've fixed as soon as possible would be nice,tHanks.

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                User key bindings are on the client and are not networked to the server, so that data is not in the replay.


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                    Why bad? It still wouldn't matter, because you are encouraged to use whatever keyboard/mouse binds are comfortable to your fingers, and suited for the keyboard/mouse models you have.
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