im sure this has been brought up. iv searched on this topic and found no solid answers that solved my problem which is:

when i double click my replay file it loads dota 2 and cannot connect to the dota 2 server or if i have dota 2 already loaded and connected to the dota2 server it tells me i cant have two dota 2's running at once.

one thing i found as a remedy was to delete the blob file and restart steam. did it...waited half a frikin year for it to update again...and still had the problem.

why is it that i can download the replay file from the stats site but not in the game? on this note i decided to put that replay file into my replay folder in steam to see if it would recognize it in game...nope it still wanted me to download the replay that i already have. im all out of ideas. i know my internet isnt fast but cmon....not being able to download wasnt a problem in the past why is it a problem now?

anybody got any ideas?