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[Suggestion] Tournament Replays

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  • [Suggestion] Tournament Replays

    I love watching tournament replays. I have purchased several tickets and thoroughly enjoy watching the best of the best go at it.

    My issue is with the current replay menu. If I know that two teams are playing a best of 3, and I watch the first game in a match, then I already know who wins the second game, because the replay menu gives it away.

    If Team A wins the first game of a best of 3 match, and the match clearly goes to a 3rd game since it is listed there, it takes some of the fun out of watching game 2 because I already know Team B is going to win.

    Or if Team A wins game 1 in a best of 3, and there are only 2 games listed between the two teams, I already know Team A is also going to win the second game.

    My suggestion is that instead of listing each individual game, just the match is listed. By clicking on the match, it brings up a sub-menu where the viewer can then decide to download/view game 1, game 2, or game 3. Even if the match only lasted 2 games, there is still an option for game 3, but clicking on it does nothing or gives some sort of message indicating that game 3 was not necessary.

    As it stands right now anyone can watch game 1 of a match, and know who wins game 2 by virtue of the menu. It robs the viewer of some of the suspense that makes the replays so enjoyable.

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    I totally agree with this 1000%. This is such a huge problem IMO.

    Another thing that bugs me is when trying to catch up on a tournament like The Defence 3. If I miss a few days and want to catch up on all the action, the earlier matches spoiled because I can see the most recent matches and which teams are still playing, thereby informing me who wins each earlier bracket. If I remember correctly, didn't the set up for The International 2012 deal with this by showing no information about any matches or brackets unless you clicked for it?

    The sooner these features are implemented the sooner I will be purchasing more tournament passes, because as it stands right now it takes away a huge part of the tournament experience.


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      Yep I agree. I mentioned this on Reddit the other day to ayesee and he directed me to post on these forums.

      A solution could be to have tournament entry for best of 1/3/5 series. Then each game added to the series has the results hidden. Only on downloading and watching do you get the results.


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        I agree with this, gonna piggyback onto this topic with my own suggestion. Next to the names of the teams playing the match add a column for what type of match it is (ie: [FINALS], [PRELIMINARY], etc.) This would encourage players to view teams they are not familiar, and add a little structure. I think the tournament organizers should be able to title them match as they like.

        Reddit thread on this topic, got some positive reviews there: