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Scoring system for games and replays instead of thumbs up/down.

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  • Scoring system for games and replays instead of thumbs up/down.

    This one has been nagging me for some time now. If you go to any tournament selection of available replays, you'll notice that most of them, if not all, have outstanding evaluations. Usually 80% and up.

    Now, we all know that amazing games are not the rule, they're the exception. The problem right now is that it's hard to find the actual good games through the current evaluation system, since all games seem to be extraordinaire according to it. I suspect the reason is that it's a lot easier (mentally) to give a thumbs up than to give a thumbs down to a pro match. In my case, at least, it would take something very extreme to give a game the red thumb - it would have to have a missing player, insanely long pauses or some form of abuse by the teams. That's very rare in pro tournaments as of late. So, when I watch an ordinary match (like most are) I simply don't evaluate it at all. I'm thinking most people act this way as well.

    So, I'm not sure what would be the best substitute to the current system, but the first thing that comes to mind is a scoring system with more choices available. 1 to 10, 1 to 5, stars or something like that. That way, if a match is mediocre, average, etc. you can give it a more accurate score. This would make it so much easier to actually distinguish the good, the regular and the bad games from one another.

    So, I'm curious to read your thoughts on that.

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    I think the whole thumbs up / thumbs down system on replays will get scrapped. All it does right now is tell you if Na'Vi has lost a tourney match, and nobody bothers voting on pub matches.


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      Yes, it does seem very rudimentary.


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        Youtube used to have 5 stars and switched to the "thumbs up/ thumbs down". Why? Because Google noticed most people either rated a clip 5 because they liked it or 1 because they didn't. Anyone thinking "hey it's a solid 3" just couldn't be arsed to rate.

        People are rather binary like that, they either like it or they don't and most of us don't go grading stuff on a 1 to 5 scale. Even if we did, most of the time that number wouldn't really reflect anything as it would be highly subjective and mostly based on a relative scale and not quantifiable.

        With not quantifiable I mean any given score isn't based on factors like game length, quality of gameplay but rather on the whim of the person giving the score and most likely isn't worth much to anyone but said person.

        All in all your suggested system would probably not give games a "fairer" rating.