Hi, first time poster. Did a quick search on this topic, didn't find anything so feel free to lock and mock if already suggested.

I love watching tournament replays in Dota TV, and do appreciate the replay calenders ability to keep me updated on when a tournament I own a ticket for are occurring. That said, I think it would be useful if there was a tag that said "New Replays Available" on the actual tournaments I own tickets for under the Tournaments Tab. Heck, even having a date for when the most recent game has happened would be helpful as well.

This would be a useful feature for me to quickly find and watch the games I'm interested in since I'm usually busy doing other things when tournaments are happening during the morning.

What does everyone else think? It's just a small usability idea I had when I sat down after work to watch some TPL replays I missed out on. Thanks for any feed back.