Tactical map on replay & stats.

Saw this thread and thought I`d open new discussion on suggestion : http://dev.dota2.com/showthread.php?t=31098

To indicate on map in real time where what was done.
Image : Sw79q.jpg

A1.)Adding a button to open a map in the post game stats menu that would display certain features via small icon indicators relevant to certain important events,e.a positions of wards and its owner`s name , time/duration off all wards. And to add filters options for hero death ,kills etc of the entire game.


A button in post-game stats that will open a new page : (Real-game replay time)Tactical map + stats :

B1.)A real time replay of the events on the map : a time bar (interactive time lapse bar of game in real time ,like the replay bar , but used for the map) that would display the progress of these features :Player`s name on top of ward on the map+time for ; Observer wards,sentry wards,Your Hero deaths and Hero kills,Ally hero kills/deaths,enemy hero kills/deaths,endgame,items bought,Roshan kills,Pings,Glyphs activated,aegis used,courier,Buybacks,runes, all hero positions at all times.
*Almost every single decision made by players in game.*

- Basically it just turns the stats diagrams and bars and lays them out on a tactical map.
Including taps for all the heroes/left and right winged slots,with respective ability slots and 6 slots for items,their gold at current time and GPM .
A replay bar and timer and filter options.
This system I feel will help indicate "where" and when what decision where made by what player using simple icons and highlighting key moments.

- Now with this feature we could see every : gank ,tower deny/destroyed/glyph,Rune and duration and rune activation, item bought,item used,spells used ,spells upgraded ,when a player leveled,distance traveled by what hero,Courier,kills made by what players.All via icons (heroes icons items icons spell icons,death icons etc) moving in real time on a map.But most importantly something neither replay or the stats show exactly weer all this happened on the map even possibly at the same time.

B2.)For post referee analysis in tournaments ,stuff like when game was paused and by whom can be indicated as well.Possibly also displaying name of who paused.
In tournaments referee`s name could be displayed.

B3.)For post game discussion the ability to draw on the tactical map should also be available,for instance to show a new player where he misplaced wards,where he should have Juked etc.

-The auxiliary drawings can be set to disappear after a selected few minutes.This would be a great tool for mentors to help new players

E.A *Move the time bar to certain time, draw and explain tactics(Places wards 'here', creep stack these 'areas'),*move the time bar another 10 minutes and explain(Place more wards 'here' for meta game),move time bar and revise,etc.

Can also be useful in tournaments for game casters to explain complex team strategy , Post game analysis,much like we see in cricket etc.

B4.)The tactical map and stats replay should be able to be saved with your normal replay.

B5.)Also if the option is available to view the replay on one monitor and have the stats and tactical map stat feature on a second monitor it might make viewing both stats and replays in conjunction with each other so much more exciting?

B6.) As a reference to thread posted above I would quickly like to discuss the impact this feature could have for Support players.Using filter option you could see who bought and placed wards where and when,also visible could be the the impact the ward had on the map and battle by showing outline of AoE.Highlighting or indicating via "EyE"-icon ,heroes as they come in its parameters.This will in turn show how ganks could have possibly be assistant by support player`s warding capabilities.

With this layer of clarity players can now really see who was MvP material or who was a non-sportsmanlike player.

B7.) All filter options of stat information should be in multiple tick boxes as to give player an unlimited choice to view anything at any time.

B.8) Using the same current replay function on the tactical map the 'Tactical Map game replay' can be paused reversed,forwarded etc.

B.9) For the option of not revealing any competitive tactics off a Player or Clan (which I feel shouldn`t be much off a problem anyway,an option in game-setting to keep your own Tactical Map replay & stats private or shareable.
If its set to private,action icons by that player/clan would not be revealed to other player`s Tactical map replay.

B.10) All information could be accompanied by the audible announcer as it happened in game.Audible info + the ICON indication on the map gives extra level of game analysis.


I believe this could be sort of a useful feature,it combines the stats system and steps away from the close up real-time area of a normal replay and combines it rather on a map with a big brother birds eyed view ,giving a grander scope of what happened.Maybe?discussion welcome.