Often when viewing the replays of a tournament you've missed you'll notice each game has it's own entry in the watch -> tournament -> *tournament name* section which very obviously spoils the results for any best of 3 or best of 5 series. By this I mean, if it's a BO3 and there are only two entries you know it's 2-0 or if there are three you know that the team who lost game 1 has won game 2.
I'm sure there are a lot of different way to solve this problem, including redesigning the "tournament" tab section entirely and for that I have no solution to propose but please this needs to be addressed it's really deterring me from buying any more tickets when I can watch VODs on spoiler-free sites like dotacinema.

E: At the very least please don't add dummy replays because once I download the first replay and start watching it I start the second one in the background, if I notice the next one is non existant or downloads ridiculously fast I can tell that the last game was the one before that.