Title is pretty much everything, just wondering if there is anyway to view data on a live game that isn't in the GetTopLiveGame or GetLiveLeagueGames? My assumption is that if one could get the match_id you could check details on that game? Or is that information just simply not available until after the game is over (except for top live and live league). My use case is to actually have an account_id, find the match id and then find details on that live game. Let me know if this is possible, I searched the forms but nothing came up, I am sure it has been answered but I cant seem to find it.

Furthermore, an alternative to this is if I can figure out how to get the server_steam_id, currently the only place I can see that is is on GetTopLiveGames, is there any other way to get that parameter? I am just doing this for a personal project so even if it is only possible via console or a temp file on my machine I would like to know for testing. Thanks for any details.