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Pick and Bans Api-Data

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  • Pick and Bans Api-Data

    Is it possible to get Bans and Picks Api Data? Would make it easier to cover competitive matches
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    Originally posted by matthe2 View Post
    Is it possible to get Bans and Picks Api Data? Would make it easier to cover competitive matches
    You can parse it out of the replays pretty easily I think.

    The problem is that valve doesn't even save this in their databases I think, so in order to provide it retroactively they'd have to parse it out of the replays themselves.

    Imo it's a better business choice for them to not save this data as they'd have to do it for every single CM match.
    firstly, that means they'd have to modify the API so it returns differently for CM matches, which is a pain in of itself.
    secondly, it's 10 extra 3 digit ints they have to store in their database, times that by however many CM matches there are then you get a whole lot of extra data that would be pretty niche.

    Inb4 only storing it for pro matches.. same problem as before, the API has to be modified to return bans specifically for pro matches and nothing else - extra logic in the system which complicates things.
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      I don't think this is in the replay parses. If it is, can someone please let me know? If not (and I'm pretty sure it isn't) +1 for adding it to the API or the replays. -- Dota 2 Stats for the Professional Scene


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        I feel like it would have to be? I mean, you can see it when you watch a replay...


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          I've found a bunch of stuff in the replay parses but other than a few audio things that relate to the draft (and aren't consistent or complete enough to piece together the draft) I haven't seen anything related to the draft. Not saying for sure it isn't there but I haven't been able to find it and haven't heard of anyone else who has either.

          There's plenty that you can see when you watch a replay that isn't able to be parsed out. For example, hero location throughout the game can be seen can be seen in the replays but I'm not aware of anyone being able to parse it out yet.
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            Sorry I was incorrect. They have added the pick and ban data to the replay parses. It is a relatively recent addition (I believe it was added in sometime in early to mid-December).
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