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Please enable "watch" game option for downloaded games in offline mode.

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  • Please enable "watch" game option for downloaded games in offline mode.

    well, sometimes when my internet dont work. I would prefer to atleast watch downloaded replay for the time.
    Valve, please enable option to watch downloaded games in offline mode atleast.


  • #2 one interested? :/


    • #3
      I don't think many cares since internet going down for me is usually spent getting it back (at most just restarting router) or watching series / movies.
      Then again, it rarely dissappears to begin with.

      Cool idea, but I don't think it has high demand.
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      • #4
        Im interested, if only for an easy way than the old "playdemo" command.


        • #5
          I sometimes download a few tourney games and since I can't play (bots are ... let's say not worth it :P), I might as well watch some pro games until the server is back online.
          It'd be nice if this was enabled, not only for YOUR games, but also for tournaments you downloaded (by that I mean it'd be nice that IF I had the downloaded tab active, I wouldn't browse through 1000000000000 replays just to find, f.e. ESL ONE.)

          But that's wishful thinking I guess
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          • #6
            The issue is that most replays you want to watch are tournament replays. And in order to watch those replays you need a ticket.
            This requires you to have an internet connection so your client can verify to the server that you own the tournament ticket. (Else you could just mod your client making your client think you have the ticket even though you don't)
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            • #7
              Well I was hoping it would cache them somehow. i.e.:
              1. Tournament X is open, so I don't need a ticket, I downloaded it -> View Replay
              2. Tournament Y is not open, I don't have a ticket, I obviously didn't download anything
              3. Tournament 3 is not open, I DO have a ticket, I downloaded it -> View Replay

              I don't think it'd hurt. Plus it might make tourney loadings slightly faster if they're cached
              Or... if they REALLY are afraid they might get more bugs (f.e. have the cached version and the server version out of sync) they could just let the cached version active if you're offline. It can even be updated rarely, such as when you "download" a ticket or a replay. With some proper designing it is not something that difficult to do.
              Explanations on the normal, high and very high brackets in replays: here, here & here
              Why maphacks won't work in D2: here


              • #8
                they wont do it, that way they have less control or are less in power.


                • #9
                  you can watch replay in offline mode with commands