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The Watch Tab We Deserve [Request]

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  • The Watch Tab We Deserve [Request]

    Okay I'll get straight into my suggestion, a suggestion which I think will be beneficial as well as fundamental to the new DotA 2 client and hopefully this time for it to not be dismissed and forgotten.
    I've requested this a long time ago on the dev.dota forums along with a lot of other players, despite getting some attention, the feature was never implemented.

    My old post

    So basically what I would like to see is an advanced filter option on the DotA 2 WATCH tab:
    A filter option (and a sorting one) where you can filter games based on specific hero, region, player, mode, member of a team EG/Na'Vi, a skill level (bracket), and friend (Color coded perhaps), etc.
    and to sort them by number of spectators (popularity), performance bar of the skill level you want to watch(bracket), etc.

    And the MAIN SUGGESTION: Along with the advanced filter, if it was possible to also display the server next to which that a game is being played on for both MM and TMM games.
    This way I can keep up to date with all high bracket games played in Australia. (TMM doesn't exist as of yet on the new reborn client, I'm assuming it's being re-worked).

    Proof of demand:
    And this is what I found in just 3 minutes...

    If you like this suggestion and would like to support it, please keep the post alive by replying "!support" so it gets the attention it needs.

    Some good feedback to consider why it's needed (from the old post):

    OP's right in mentioning Australia, the competitive scene is so small that something would be relatively easy to implement, and it feels like a very closed community.
    Especially with new players coming in since DOTA2 release, a Watch>'Local Tab' would be a good way to introduce new players to the top games in the local area, showcasing the top players/teams.
    Even mid-high level players have trouble keeping up with local tournaments, having to spectate off friends-list which is unstable at best.

    It would also require local tournament admins to be able to implement tournaments in-game, with a little text info.
    Tickets for smaller tournaments would probably not be needed.
    As an alternative to watching VODs or whatever is available, new players may find local games more approachable, and mid-high players should be quite interested in more easilly following the local scene, using the ingame client.

    Another feature I would like to see implemented:
    On TMM watch tab to display team's name, logo and sponsor(if exists)

    Here's some community members who've requested the same thing in the past on dev.dota where some of the ideas are also very good:

    WATCH Tab Suggestions
    Reddit post

    TLDR: I believe the new Reborn clients UI design is nice, but lacks features.
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