So I believe the 'Tournaments Tab' can be optimized with a simple idea.

Almost every tournament online uses brackets and why not use it ingame aswell?
It would be easier to find the match you want to watch, because you don't have to scroll through 5 pages of replays. (Currently it shows 8 replays per page).

I.E#1 JoinDOTA uses this for TheDefence:

I.E#2 Go4DOTA uses this:

When you press on the team names you get to the match details, or incase of bo3 or bo5 it will open a tab which says: Game 1, Game 2 etc. exactly like when you start watching ingame and choose commentator.

Add brackets to the Tournament Tab inside the DOTA2 client, to optimize visibility and make it easier to find games without browsing through 5 pages.